Thursday, December 17, 2009

At last~~i complete this post already man...

Just as ping ping said...ehehe....i did went to china xx times...but actually what iwant to say is... i went to so much country from 3years old until now...FIRST TIME... I REALLY ENJOY joining a tour...sometimes my parents bring me for holiday without tour also not fun becoz mom from 10am bring me and brother out go shopping until 7pm only reach hotel/house.SOT MOST MEMORABLE TRIP was

1.Brisbane...Gold Coast..."Movie world,Magic world,Water world"(i remember i said before I MUST GO ONE MORE TIME...if i kena toto then i will bring someone but of course more than one go together de hehehe..or let them go to the country that they want>..<

2.This Trip(MEMORABLE...memorable tour leader,m.tour member and memorable incidents..miss you people >.< keep say i BOUGHT THE MOST stuff in this trip...where got alot jek?

3.Hong Kong(when eating dai zai crab that time is my happiest moment)


1) This tour is from 5-12 but postpone 2nights so until 14. it was 5hours flight 9:30am only departure and that time ping alrdy reach sarawak...= ="

2) This 8days trip i keep 8pm-10pm reach hotel and i 2am only sleep then around 6am wake up and 7am eat breakfast and 8start our jurney. The tour leader's name was "XIAO RU". he is a really good tour leader. He told us he is a kind of people Xuang Kuai". He mentions that if we have anything unhappy just shoot hit straight at the face. He don't mind we saying the truth but he does mind if we keep in our heart and talk bad at the back of him. My mom also said being with this kind of people is very fun. He think of us before talk and do things. He told us about his EXCITING, INTERESTING incidents,funny story,history. The way he told us the history was not that bored,It makes me feel so interesting.i even still remember what he mentioned.

3) There was 2nights before leaving China, xiao ru offer us in the bus. He said every one afterwards come to my room including the driver and all. He will buy 2 boxes of beer and snacks for us. He used his own pocket money and belanja us. Did u ever meet some stranger buy things for tour member to eat and drink?did u ever meet this kind of hao xuang de people?? Few days he keep bought the fruits that we never ate,it was his own pocket money too. He also give us some present >.< He is generous actually.

4) The first thing we visit was a train who run by MAGNET thingi~~ i not sure wat is that but 2magnet and it was just 10mm distance an it can go 360 or 460/km. the fastest i saw was only 310/km but it is faster than car of course. My mom feel vomitting lol because fast until we look outside the window and thse house lol move so fast>.< i wish there were no window block and the wall blocking so i can hehee the wind's speed >.<

5) Along the street i keep my eyes on those jackets because 2 of my buddys wants me to help them buy something. The problem is so many of them is THICK. It is impossible want them to wear a jacket that people wear during snowing right??It looks bulky and stupid and fat if it is too think and people wera under the sun. I though 2 of them also don't want hat with feather so once i saw no hat, i walk off. once i saw too think,i walk off. once i saw got feather i also walk off. once i saw wrong colour, i walks off. lol = =" haiz... it was a quite big misake actually. One of the problem was the price. because it was 200-400. i wonder if it cost 400 then they rather buy at malaysia right? so i try to find under 250 loh. i saw some because the pocket mom say UGLY!!!so got to walk off. My mom is quite a professional advisor. She saw so many people wearing diff kind of design in the airport so she knows what looks good what looks sucks. The last 5minutes before gathering at the street shop, I saw a lots of jacket and i saw white colour,without feather... so my mom let me go. Those salesgirl seems like know i am rushing lol. I saw it looks better then others i saw in those shops i had seen this few days. there are black and white so i choose white and M size le...L isfor me de ma...hehehe i too hat jor >.< it cost $XXX . i really really hope they will like it >.< but i only bought 1 sorry for that >.< It was my mistake that i messed up one of them want hat with feather de >.< im sorry girls~.~"

6) The food there was OK,GOOD,VERY TASTY AND EXCELLENT!!! the last night before we leave on the next day. We have buffet. it is in cshopping centre.5th floor. Normal price was 380++and that day is sunday so only 198. Guess what food is inside??
3rows of counter for MC=> 2kinds of abalone,sharkfin,3kinds of crab,2kinds of lobster,bird nest,fish,chicken,duck,PORK,fried rice,meehoon

1row of counter all is sushi=>salman,my favourite yu zi...

1row is DESSERT=>cakes,Haagen's ice cream ate 2cupsmacadenia vanilla

1row is trinken=> rot und weiss wine,beer,3kinds of fruit juice, more than 10kinds of tea

FORGOT STILL GOT WHAT that restaurant was so damn freaking big i almost lost lol hahaha we 8pm eat until 10pm but the driver jiu charm loh~~because the reastarant 8pm only got sit so no paring lol we eat until 10 then he 10 only got space = =" so we pity him and wait until he eat finish first we only go loh >.< he is kind too>.<

I am a person who do not waste money on sharkfine and abalone but waste money on my favourite food only like Dai Zap Crab und Bird nest. I regret that i ate fried rice. If i saw the bird nest at first i would be eating the bird nest WHOLE NIGHT MAN!!!The dry abalone was ok but the cooked one was SUX and sharkfin was SUX too BUT my brother and mother enjoy it lol.That night my brother face damn red and mine TOO >.< Before leaving I faster go take 2full cups of red wine one shoot >.< when reach hotel feel vomitting lol but 3am only sleep lol because online can chat with someone >.< because i ate and drink so much things which i not suppose to...the fake fire in my body >.< so...still coughing and more pimples as i keep sleep at 2 and wake at 6 lol GILA HOR??

7) The longest journey we had was 5hours only that was the time we go to"Nanjing"and something interest thing happen...hahaha i told someone alrdy >.< if you heard about it i think you will laugh like shit!!

8) Got one night we sit the BIG SHIP like "The star" de ship. inside no pool la. but got 4 floor. 2nd and 3rd is for us to sit and 4th floor for us to take photo. That time was 3*C so cold... i take photo for 5minutes, i feel my hand is poked by thoussand of needle man.but i keep go up and take picture lol. because it was too big, i cannot even find my dad and my brother lol. My mom promise one day we gonna go for a trip in the ship lol.That kind of ship which has pub,night club at lower ground floor, swimming pool on top,few restaurant,got suana,massage de >.< HURRAY!!

We went to so much "night market,super market,shopping center,shopping street" The Di4 pei2 had suggested us FEW kinds of sweet is very nice and my parents bought alot. >.< i can bring back and belanja my friends.
We want to see lots of "thu chan" jed,pearl,silk,expensive stone,long jing tea,tea pot and so on... all jed was 180-600 and pearl was 300-2000 and silk was 450-3450 and stone was 100-650 or more i forgot and tea was 600-900,tea pot which made by known sifu cost K lol and something very unique cost 25K lol CI MA GAN HUNDREDs.... it is impossible you guys want me to buy something that cost hundreds for each person right??My mom saw something cost 2000....and she loves it...she was going to buy lol SCARED EVERYBODY in our tour...those ppl very geng a persuade de lol = ="

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

......the first thing is I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START......GOSH!!!!

this month...December,i am very chong1 shi2...REALLY...REALLY REALLY la~~~

I still remember,at first i have went out with my friend i went ice skating with my friends then we go night house. actually is going Pub to have beer mom was so good as she don't want me to stay outside overnight...actually not overnight la is lepak outside until morning only go back home. skating was so memorable because hor... someone hor... make people fall de lol... hahaha so funny and got peopel very...funny lol hahaha but it is really fun la...>.<

nowadays i really enjoy when the time being with my dear friends actually >.< no matter they are primary or secondary or college de >.< they are just friends...just that...who actually is trading their own heart with might not know actually.zhen suo xin nan bing bu dong who is zhen xin and who is jia ma...will have fan chuo de shi hou BULLSHITTING HERE again = =" zzzz

lol one the back got mom is a pro driver man.. hahaha but that night...din play gao gao lo...and i was so....ching xing after what that...i qing xing until 6am only fall asleep and 10am wake up becoz ned to fetch friends >.< i REALLY DUN UN why everytime also so hyper de??never fall a sleep before... my god...

Friday, December 4, 2009



真心的朋友 , 是不会利用你的
真心的朋友 , 是不会讥讽你的
真心的朋友 , 是不会放弃你的
真心的朋友 , 是如此的美好

but i think not mature...is看开le...wo men yi qi看开点ba!!hao ma??



YOU MUST READ FINISH ALL WO!!!promise arr??hehehe





































Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Acommodation Finish already!!! qi dai wednesday and thursday de>.< thursday how to go out wo?? DEAD!!! hmm... wednesday after BBQ dun know can go out yam cha with moi moi they all or not >.< miss them neh!!1 wo sot liao lol this few days keep miss secondary friends and family haiz... become like eldest gor gor dy...when training that time i sure cry de lo... WORRY will cry after no mood work how?? haiz... bot until infront will become straight de... hahaha... god bless me >.< computer lab VERY COLD NEH!!! haiz... ping ping they all go buy ingredience for BBQ dy >.< haiz...tomorrow...i though is thursday T.T for what de neh??whats the point har?? just for jesus and The Satan goods?? human are here just because god wants to know can Satan be the ruler?? If it is then Satan is not a good ruler...our world...human became cruel...this does shows all is under him but it is wrong i will follow Jesus not The Satan...i don't like this cruel world...but it is life zzzz FCUKX

Monday, November 30, 2009

German Finish already!!!!

Haiz...随然很想一起去放松一下。。。发泄一下。。。可惜这几天跟妈妈的感情好了很多,所以不想欺骗她 >。< 非常抱歉因为我那么的扫兴。。。好才没因为我而取消不然真的会超过已不去的叻。。。虽然我知我没那样的能力啦!哈哈哈。。。

遗憾的是那天星期四回婆婆家,我并不知表妹她们已经从JOHOR回来了。 T。T 等到妈妈和舅舅赶着驾车回去因为赶着去CLUBBING了因为当天是LADIES NIGHT MA 都已经迟到一小时了呢在迟一点就没酒喝了,她才跟我说表妹和表第都在上面等我上去。妈的!!你不在迟一点才打来跟我讲?啊麦PONG还跟我说五号的WEDDING DINNER才见她们和她们一起喝醉,然后灌醉她们。。。怎样见JEK??怎样喝JEK??怎样灌JEK??哈哈哈。。。不过我也想看看她们醉了的模样呢。。。说不定回狂吻人呢。。。就好想星起六在庆祝妈妈,舅舅和舅母的BIRTHDAY姜。HOH HOH HOH 我五号早上就要上飞机去中国买猪了啦!!真的很想见她们一面呢。我的DI DI就超XUANG的。因为星期六那天妈妈和他一起在婆婆家过夜。妈的他啊。。。还可以去啊麦PONG家和表妹她们一起睡叻。。。还跟她们玩和谈心事到5AM呢。我吃醋了啦!!超不爽的NEH!!我在那里住了那么久都不能上去过夜。汪八蛋啊!!她们六号就要回JOHOR了。那个臭鸡蛋还在我前面说大家一起这个那个。。。还说过一夜不够,应该要多几天才回来比较好。。。妈的!!他一定是不要他的DI DI了想死叻他。。。










談起戀愛總能無憂無慮,所有細節都讓你覺得很甜蜜。戀愛路上很快樂,這類型的人內心深處很單純,沒有心眼,不容易斤斤計較,很容易享受單純戀愛的感覺。...OOOHhhhhhohohoho hen happy can get this result wakakak haiz... ren neh... kai xin jiu hao le ma... >.< collec o not? >.<











因 此不敢得罪他,跟朋友相處時唱歌時或有一些口頭禪,

你的未来潜能:具有外交能力,与人以心相待,建立良好的团队精神,接受责任,不认为它是负担,反而当成是一种喜悦。yeah i love NATURE....





一遇到伤心的事,你第一个想做的就是暂时的逃避痛苦,因为你不是那时在第一时刻 就可以反应的人,所以你必须花很多时间才可以正视出问题的所在,喝酒和其它麻醉的方式,是你会先采用的方法,先减缓伤心对你的杀伤力

分析结果:朋友想唾弃你,因为你太小气了。其实这类型的人,其实你其实赚的也满多的,可是你真的很小气,有的时候很容易斤斤计较,朋友会觉得说,其实你赚得也不差,幹嘛这么小气,偶而也要大方一点请客,让大家觉得说,其实你还满大方的,所以选择这个答案的朋友,虽然不景气,还是要偶而大方一下,请大家吃个饭吃个东西,感觉会好多了。...FANG PI4.....wo small gas???you blind arr??

您的任性指数60,, 稚气指数90`
您不喜欢自私的人,,旦您常常表现可爱和稚气的1面! >.< HOH HOH HOH aku cute neh???wakakaka

[3号] 「领导」型

这一类型人喜欢主动出击的原因大概是本能中不愿被人命令、约束吧。在职场、日常人际关係中愿意将自己摆在中性的位置。注重承诺、体恤弱者,甚至有时还带有男性性格中的一些色彩——重视义气、伸张正义。尤其在工作中,异性同事很难将你看成具有纤细柔弱特徵的女性,更多的感觉是精明、大气、独挡一面的管理者,敬业工作夥伴。有时你也会「糊涂」一次,为的是给他人更改自己过失的机会,与其当面严厉地指责,不如退一步让迷茫的人看到诚意所在,才能仔细思考并解决问题。lol collec meh??
lol wo shi...“D“:美人鱼
hen zuen meh???

who is 小红帽 already arr?? hahahaha

Friday, November 27, 2009

Today can go po po house NEH!!!>.<

i 7:45pm only go >.< in uncle car...jam like SHIT!!!!
bcoz tomorrow >.< holiday >.<
becoz i naughty so sms my FRIENDDO again lol hahaha ask whether nak come or not hehehe sorry for disturbing...really...if it causes any...thing >.< "go mi" my dear >.< actually less than 1 hour only but reach there by 9 lol then saw AA XXXXX!!! my god HATE DIA man... because dia is extremely ngan cham....i just get to know that A LOT OF PEOPLE DUN LIKE DIA DE LEH!!! lol because dia in the middle so i din straight away run to the back and wish everybody so ater sms people then only go to the back then get scolded by gor gor becoz din straight away wish all people >.<

i REALLY WANT TO WISH DE LA... once i reach hometown don't know why so EXCITED maybe too long din reach dy >.< i know someone you dun like hor... will try your way to AVOID saying HI! to them de lol actually i not hate dia la... just TOO NGAM CHAM... all people also cannot tahan dia punya ngam charm de lol
haiz...fine!!!past dy...then haiz...dia NGAM THE SAME!!!FREAKING THING again... FED UP MAN... suan liao... suan liao... then go up lu... hehehe go temple... pray... so many human neh... so many i dun know de >.< hehehe but my dear cousin sister in johor could not make sad?? start to miss her dy...>.<

there got lots of food i want to eat... got starter...main course...and dessert although no red wine hehe but got very tasty de TEH TARIK!!! bagus nya but din drink because...hehehe my dear grandfather made his own teh tarik and all my family member sit around...and CHAT LO... i my house open the door BIG BIG lol macam inviting those theif but NO THEIF dare to come in la of cource although lots of auntie but also got strong man and boy boy arr... hehehe because need to entertain people so i becoma last time de childish de myself>.< me and second brother keep talking ...keep bullshit lol hehe that is US!!! hehehe own family member ma... those cuosin sister long time din see of course must ...bull shit bullshit for awhile to add gan ching ma... hehehe TAN and WONG family ma... dun have Cxxx... family lol how sad?? haiz... really one yi han...HAHAHHAHAHA please dun get mad... please my dear frienddo >.< just kidding my dear...then around 12...haiz.. must leave dy lu... watched tok tok chiang with my grand ma and grand auntie they all lu... and saw lots of stranger face... >.< dun know them although got a few auntie keep call my name = =" i have no idea how they remember my name lol = =" maybe just like what i told you people >.< i am TOO FAMOUS IN MY HOMETOWN wakakaka

haiz... need rush back because hor... going to KL hor... go clubbing lor... so fun!!! I ALSO WANT NEH... wakakkaa after liquor all finish by gor gor de friend then sad lu... need go bath first only can go lol how sad?? but that is manners >.<

Tomorrow morning need to wake up at 8am because gor gor de papa and mama say will go change my FAVOURITE MOVIE 4 me to watch neh!!!how touching...hehehe yuen lai my BIG FAMILY is!!!really "HOME SWEET HOME"!!!i go singapore that time i will miss all like hell de...>.< so i will go pasar pagi >.< eat breakfast with them >.< NEED TO SLEEP IMMEDIATELY although only studied a little bit of things only

Today almost can go back hometown dy..

mom dun let me go back in the afternoon T.T she say got "TOK TOK CHIANG" >.< one year only got once de leh.. then all neighbour...and people will all be thee lol all my tadika friend and primary 1 friend will be tehre also lol>..< i want to follow her actually is becoz se say dia sendiri balik kampung neh... aku nak accompany dia tetapi dia nak aku study = =" she knows once i go back cannot study hehehe but i already said i will go upstairs and lock myself de lol ceh... dun trust me... fine le... pass dy hehee >.< no worries i still love you >.< i never get angry with all,my beloved ONES >.<

then....bath at 3:30 and wash face then heard....somebody's de sound... luckily my FRIENDDO say tak mau follow or not JIA LAT NEH... but because hor... the car hor... suddenly hor... lol got 4 human lol then when reach hometown only know got 5 PEOPLE NEH... lol

hehehe second brother and eldest brother also follow mom car le... i stand at the door drying my hair then second gor gor very bad and naughty...look and me and say GO STUDY LA YOU....LOOK LOOK LOOK har...your mama say want you study arr...stand here...hehehehe haiz...get scolded by these few cousins i always wont get angry because i know them well >.< they treat me like their SMALL AND ONLY sister >.< happy to be in this family lol hahaha i am the only girl lol thats why all sayang me but of coz my youngest brother got most sad???hehehe >.< haiz... got a cousin brother who will give me money go genting and play...WHERE TO GET THIS KIND OF BROTHER JEK?? but of coz he is leo >.< same as me >.< thats y so generous la hehe
Today wake up at 12++ because yesterday...haiz... dun have good sleep and good dream but all dream about all my cousin sister lol MY GOD!!! in their house... forgot do what already ahhaha summore got basketball court and triple story de house neh... all my cousin brother there and my best friend also there = =" ZA DAO!!! hahaha

because ade "ORANG"hor... call me and want borrow my notes >.<
then eldest gor gor come le...
and i take the advatage to ask about CHEESE
and i memorize 70% of it dy >.<" satisfied >.<

i though mom went back already but i still go message my dear frienddo >.< hehehe dun angry neh... i just ask for fun de actually...i think you won't follow de...>.<
if you say want go then i sure SHOCK DAO lol hehe

mom come back and bought some ubat for asthma
she worry my asthma will come back
as she heard got some "asthma" sound ,she knews becoz she is my mom >.< i am gald to have you mom >.< REALLY!!! i just not happy with you WHENEVER TALK ABOUT STUDY >.<
other then that you are the BEST !!! in my heart >.< LOVE YOU...AND PO PO AND...??
but my asthma stop when i was primary or tadika lol
actually i dun remember i got asthma lol
only remember i use my grandfather de thing to spray in my mouth for fun and get scolded and get bitten by you all hehehe>.< sorry for so naughty but i know MEMORISE IS SWEET!!! right??hehehe
yesterday po po call and ask me wanna go back or not >.<
miss her feel like going back >.<
heard mom say going back noon so i also wan follow but mom keep dun let but i stubborn ma.. hehe yesterday 4am only fall a sleep. 2am on the bed...MA DE... bad brother play computer game the VOLUME... tiao ta lol >.< but i not angry la ...

hehehe this few days my patient higher level dy leh...>.< seems like MORE MATURED already i think is because keep stay at home and think about what happen from primary until college >.< and WOKE UP dy as get scold by people again and again and again and again thi whole month >.<

Saturday, November 21, 2009

mom de birthday is near de window DY how to celebrate o?? yer... scare and worry neh....after organixze dao not interesting then how??? 25 THIS MONTH LEH.... how ar?? how ar??? how arr??? SOME ONE TELL ME PLEASE@@!!

hoh hoh hoh macam amat correct wo...

GENTING wa liao bring 200 left 70 WTF man... gila de... sakit hati la... really sakit hati...waste money on friend also not that sakit hati lol i dun like to waste taxi money more then 10 de lol or not will sakit hati lol hahaha mom say dai sei who ask you dun go up the next day?? lol hehee...nevermind le pass dy...most important one is happy and enjoy then enough a human cannot what also count de or not will suffer de >.< life just need to be fun,happy,enjoy and INTERESTING then all is enough dy of coz must have a bunch of friends la >.<" and my dear mommy >.

lol yesterday after moi present then my turn lol but i forgot ma... gan jiong ma... plus xxxx so hehehe...haiz...pass already then dun think la...>.< future is good one >.< think positive in order to live longer...or would be like me dy...>.<

finish exam dy eye tired... brain not functioning dy... T.T tonight hao xiang got dinner leh??mom yesterday keep call call call lol nan dao po po birthday??today meh?? lol dun know lol but mom only call uncle de family and first auntie and second auntie de family wo... din call po po and gong gong also >.<"sweat

02请不要误会狮子 狮子座:阳历7月23日~8月23日
  每个星座都有自己的独特的地方,所以没有说绝对的好,和坏,狮子座的人喜欢和没有心机的人交朋友,就是那种为朋友两肋插刀的那种, 一旦成了朋友,狮子就把你归为自己人, 在他的控制范围内了,那样有时候会给那些人带来困饶,因为觉得狮子太粘,感觉不太对味!!!其实狮子心理明白付出不一定有回报,但是,作为狮子来说,宁愿别人负我,我也决不负人。     
  也许看到这里,你会觉得狮子虽然卤莽,自大,但是好象还挺重情谊,可是千万别因为这样,就把狮子呼来吓去,以为狮子一直会包容。 狮子重情,但也最决情,真到决情时, 你跪下来一哭二闹三上吊,狮子只会笑笑,然后告诉你:这世界上没有谁离开是活不下去。在狮子心里也有一道软肋,柔弱而敏感的神经,让他们在自认为遇到危险的时候,就杨起爪子,竖起毛来准备对抗。在外人看来,你的恋爱好像都是你处于上风吧(尤其女狮,一副唯我独尊的神情), 对方全听你的好不威风, 但又有多少人知,其实依赖对方的是你,最害怕失去对方的也是你。          
  狮子对人的喜厄表现的非常直接,除非是那种不能得罪的人,要不,狮子对朋友就是热情如火,而对敌人,是想法打击不让他有翻身的机会。这和蝎子的报复心不同,狮子会用正大光明的手段,在很多人面前打击你一下。报复完了以后,就早抛到脑后去了,因为他们的事情看上去太多了。当然这个也是狮子的一个性格,就是怕寂寞,怕寂寞不是不能承受寂寞,狮子们是很享受难得的寂寞的,但是在狮子心里装着很多放不下的事情,所以,他们希望他们放不下的人,也能经常关心他,他放不下的事情,总是能够有好的结果。 所以,不要让狮子一个人呆在寂寞中脑子乱想, 一旦他们思路理清,或者打算放弃,那时候你用十辆牛车都是拉不回来的。    
  当然,狮子的心是软的,你假装若者,在狮狮们面前一哭,二闹,三可怜,狮狮估计就吃不消了,马上又心软了。谁叫你触动了他们那一点点悲剧情怀呢!!!和狮子座的人做朋友,会是一件很开心的事情,因为对于朋友界定,狮子是很宽泛的,而且为了面子之类的问题,多数时候对于朋友的请求和帮忙也是非常乐意的。所以,交个这样的朋友不错。但能牵拌住狮子的不是感情,是责任。一种与身俱来的责任感。狮子的内心其实是很有悲剧情节的,只是表现出来的确是特别的阳光。huh huh huh >.<

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Is this what people call as confusing between your ownself

is that so??
guess they are right...
i have no point...
i have no dreams...
i am a bird which is on the sky keep flying...
flying flying flying...
and never stop...
maybe i will die one day before i reach or found a place,a dream of mine...
a place which belongs to me...
a dream which i want...
a few people who can .....who can...who can...
"who can??" with me...
...lend me a hand when i am down...
...just...stay beside me...
...every moment... told me it is RIDICULOUS!!!
because everyone will have their own family when time goes by...
it will NEVER HAPPEN >.< FINE!!! then no meaning to life some more wasn't it correct??
...people which can accept me for who i am
but i know that time,that day,that moment
is not reaching..
i have ... putus asa...
for every single thing around me...
now is the end of my ....

I guess i going to show my passion when i watching 2012 lol
>.<" hehehe...
it would be touching,sad,unpredictable......


so many human being gave me plenty of advise and idea...
it seems like easy to hear and easy to talk
but when i want to do it...
it is far then my expectation...

must i suffer like some of them beside me
which had lost their beloved
and they grow matured on certain important things
must i go through that only can be more matured??

always say i am not matured enough??
i live in this world FOR WHO'S GOODS??
for you people??
for god??
3 or 4 days already...
i am tired...
off all this things which you had given to me...
i cant find my own way...

from sperm and ovum until now...
i am just following other people's way...
I think many people also like that...
but i want to have my own way which people accept my way
is it wrong from not hurting anyone??

Why should i be Leo?? Why Why??
must i be so lonely until the day i die??
lonely as in nobody besides and around me...

"Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely"
song of my love....
asked to make myself organize~~~
or not always use that thing as excuses
then people will complain...
attitude problem?
no responsibility...

study study study...
keep heard this word but i never follow it
because i just watch and watch and watch

Is't so hard to make "a person"
study on its own??
is it really so hard??
is there anyway to push me??
why it must be myself to force myself??
i don't want to force myself but i feel like studying now
but...GRR.....why so many conflicts between my thoughs and body?
why cant they just co-operate on its own?
i don't like to push myself...
i want it to be automatic man...
seems like so many things happen on me which people no need to >.<"
because they know how to solve it in a easy way...
was not mine also eay way??
why i make it so difficult??

why life seems so dull for me??
is it because i too stubborn??
AM I THAT STUBBORN like what my dad does??
wasn't i don't look that stubborn as daddy??
lol what is my fate??
can i know it now??
can i make any changes before it is too late??
i don't want to be like this anymore...
this is really...upset
i seems to be suffering...
i mean my eye is suffering...

is that so??
songs does help to release stress >.<
but it makes me cannot concentrate on my studies = ="
please bless me for saying that !!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

WWooww.. what a small cases man... hiuh~~gosh!!!

I have nothing...Idon't have friends i don;t have family i don't have aset i don't have i write this for farks lol...

Just wake up then mkake me cry..want die arr you?
lol heheh 38 mom you know yesterday when i reach home
i got think about use a knife and kill you arr?? FAN DAO... haiz... I long time din think like that dy lol...last time always imagine kill xxx de hehe of course i won't la... i so good girl WAKKAKAKA....
ask ask ask..why suddenly ask that question jekpeople cery weak in the morning de ma ask so sensitive de question for what jek?? for farks arR? you know what is important for me de ma still ask about this shit morning very weak and sensitive de lol bad mom make me cry for few hours ni mama ar i am not scolding my god ma lol i scolding her invinsible de mama lol i very sayang po po de lol see so many wan tan on the computer ba dan arr still want to force me studyyou macam know I crying on the bed when we talk about those problem hor?? heheI try to tahan not to cry in front of you dy lol but but but the eye drops.i cannot control la atleast i control my body not to move when my tears drop but you still know i cry haiz..

go lah...go china... I will forsure get h1n1 de..
aiya... cannot also wo... after my parents kena...
i meet up my friends also kena...
haiz...want die also need to care about surrounding mama de
i am such a fool man..

I know you are observant ,I know Iam not
I know you are 100% clever than me
If you want you can just ask me get out of the house
and the next day you gonna see me on newspaper haha...
I will find a high building and jump

If you cant see me again, you will be happier is't?
If you cant see me again,you won't feel so fan is't?
you say only..i straight away go jump now...
fan zhen i don't mind jumping
fan zhen jump dy you no need to fan and i also no need to fan
everybody also no need to fan,entertainment,worry about me
jump only ma,no big deal dying,
fan zhen no need to worry any any anymore
you no need to hear my voice and feel i fan anymore
I would not disturb your life anymore,
is that you will be happier?

You think I want this to happen to me?
I never want...i never want it to happen de
I also hate this things from happening to me
but it really happen..what you want me to do?
do you think i have the ability to change it?
If it is you then you for sure know what to say to avoid this thing from happening but now the problem is.. I am not you OKEY??
what you teach me seems to be right but
i dont have second chance to correct it and make things right...
although i wanna make it goes back
what should i do to make thing goes right?
take the pandora box arr?? 38....
I also cant do like what alex taught me...
do you really think i have the ability to change things?Do you?
I wish to and i want to but i cant becoz i am really useless... all of you always say i am useless..i just admit it man i know i am and i always am...from small until big you guys always also say like that de la... no big deal what...useless ma useless lo if you want i go jump lo then ma won't disturb your family lo...haiz...

whenever you all scold me i try my best not to show black face dy la..thats why i always laugh laugh laugh smile smile smile whenever you people scold me...small that time i show black face SLAP ME... keep slap me... now i show happy face then use saliver to slap me...the now??what you guys want actually?? I AM STUPID okey?? just tell me straight away what you guys wants,what you guys feel,what you guys suddenly sad,why you guys suddenly emo,why.... PLEASE JUST TELL me straight forward man... i am a wood ok... my brain is not working ok?? i don't like guessing...OK?? i am a pure a bad way is I AM A STUPID person i am a brainless Person OK?

so next time i show you all black face better dun slap me because i worry i really cannot control myself go and take a knife and kill you guys man...
do this wrong,do that also wrong EAT SHIT LA you all...
this is HUMAN is correct that jesus send him here to predict what is going to happen...just to punish "human"
which is the world destroyer...

haiz.. that day already told her if 2012 is the end of the world then why not we just enjoy our lifes??why so depreased?why so stressful??why so small gas?? all this is "you all take your own self de"...why cant i just mad like last time?? why must i get stop by everysingle person in my life??why did you people control me?? i am not hurting ANYONE!!!maybe you might think i am hurting myself in the sense that i am not studying properly so i will suffer but it is so enjoying...just like what the book under no got exam make my mom nervous then make me zzz

feel like turning myself into bad..
being bad very fun??
do bad thing that time fun??
but lonely that time still the same...lonely...

You guys always hurt me,
you guys always make me cry,
you guys are the one always hurt me in a different way which other people wont
hohoho excluding my lover hohoho but i takde lover also hehehe

O.O say about "lover" MY GOD!!!
see what now what mom fan about?me and my brother
yesterday still dare to say next time i will know
i already told you thousand and zero one times
i don't want to fan about relationship
atleast not this kind of situation lo
see yourself,who dare to have a family man
other people dare i also dun dare la...
afterwards fan till i die leh......
you think i stupid de arr
I only like friends
I don't like relationship de...
see now i no need to fan bf and husband also fan till dead dy la
always force me do this and that
i know it is good for me but...
you know i don't like people to force me study
i only like to play
because only play can make me happy
see today i keep crying where got time to have partner jek?
You think i stupid de meh?
yesterday you already talk about divorce with your friend la
now friend with friend and between family also got lots of problems dy la...
where got time to fan about bf jek?
after i cry dao blind dy then not good la
plus that day mr.hor class i saw the board blur blur de..
1000degree is reaching dy man.. can open champagne de lu..
but me and gorgor want "ICE WINE"... "our favourite man"
i saw it in queen of no marriage man MISS IT...
bad h gor gor din buy it back for me and k gor gor BAD BOY!!!
promise dy but din do.. BAD GOR GOR!!!
das ist seems to be german errors lol

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I very good girl de leh meow meow... >.<


最水火不容的星座:巨蟹座 you and ping neh
最有缘分的星座:狮子座 tengok ni... aku sudah cakap kan...wo men you yuen fen ahahha me and bra bra also got yuen fen wakakaka

巨蟹座after ping ping see the result sure ... wu yen de lol
最有默契的星座:XXX ping ping wanna know??told cha...
最无缘的星座:白羊座 SAD?? bra bra T.T"
最佳益友星座:射手座 bianca is good for you hahaha makan tahi la...

狮子座 *daddy*
最有缘分的星座:*mammy*射手座 with bianca?? SOT DE.... but with my mama le.. >.< thats why we speak like sisters wakakaka except about education de topic ma de...
最佳益友星座:摩羯座 omg... yen yen neh...
最佳损友星座:巨蟹座 heh....

最有默契的星座:狮子座 haiz... hope so la... now also dun know... haiz...

射手座 why no me one??my mama lai de leh??
最有缘分的星座:白羊座 elvin with biancA hahahhaa SHIT LOR... elvin die lo...

最水火不容的星座:白羊座 yen and meow tak boleh talk meh??they very ngam king de hor meow?
最佳损友星座:射手座 ya i also think bianca is bad for yen yen HAHAHAHA

最佳益友星座:狮子座haiz...i am good for moy lien too good...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nan de i can online at home le...of course must post la... or not will dui bu qi ownself de lol... mom say Joana??or something de is Mass comm de in kdu college de>.< she ask me know who is Gregory Tee or not lol za dao = =" she is coming to talk about bibles but i haven finish my MPW's assignment later...

haiz... tus\esday fang gor gor de aeroplane lol think about it also...chan qui...hehe

Friday??went college in the morning...wake up 8am then 9am went computer lab. In order to go out with them i must finish my mpw assignment first. luckily i can make up before 11 or not...bye bye lu... >.< then went....mid valley i saw a bunch of lier again...although they din cheat me le... kekeke these time all also NO THANK YOU... got one guy say please...jie jie... i was like WTF?? you call me jie jie?? you sot already arr?? where got people call customer jie jie de?? haha

then...go where dy arr?? forgot dy lu...hmm...oh... pc fair saw jie jie then we go watch PHOBIA2... kelvin said he watch until half then run away first i was like... got so scary meh??very kua zang leh watch until half then go off... haiz... then i feel excited lol if it is so scary then i die die also must watch le... then want buy ticket that time.. some keep say scare le scare le after looking at the i din see the trailor thats why keep wanna watch lol.

I bought the back row because all also agree. it was A&B lol was suppose to be all A de but got 2 people stuck there lol hahaha that 2 people got churst by many of us lol hahaha. then nan de got people belanja ice-cream le... but... i cough... i dun wan myself to be suffuring already because i cough for 3 weeks dy after i get lung cancer how??so too bad le... then got people "PLAN" haha the plan was funny lol took 3A de ticket then go in first then leave B de hahaha then because 3 people also...haiz... so hahaha OMG it was so funny lol the 3 people sit infront hahah was so dam freaking scared lol hahaha the first four story i almost fall a sleep lol BORING i was like omg this kind of horror movie you tell me scary?? wtf man damn freaking boring okey??then the fifth one...hehehe IT WAS FUNNY LOL did not expect it to be so stupid lol so entertaining lol so the last story all was so happy lol then go toilet and i saw " MR. GABRIEL" lol omg with one girl dun know who lai de...

then take train and go ...dun know where lai de... eat "nga bou fan" lol Thai style was sucks because it was spicy lol plus i took so much so i keep call liang cha which my auntie say is good for my throat >.<" after eating then we...hahaha send friend back home lol hahah got so scary meh?xD then go ping house for awhile becoz she wants go gor gor de house for a while wo... then... after x minutes she say gor gor will come and fetch me then i go gor gor house and chat with them le... lien luo yi xia gan ching ye hao....

then...saturday...hehehe i set 6am but dad 6:30 wake me up then i go bath le then ALMOST finish bathing my phone ring lol hahaha then faster run out lol "SO COLD MAN.."hahaha i was like...sure is ping call me de...hahahalol haiz... so worry lol scared will...die le.. as my leg twisted until now also haven recover yet lol so charm...

Thursday, November 5, 2009


hoh hoh hoh = ="
Today...nothing good...because...leg...seems to be worst than yesterday...tomorrow...if still worst then today then saturday i don't know what to do to xiao mie those fire lol...maybe only choise is...CHONG1 won't patah kaki gua if i mien chiang de run...>.<"

最水火不容的星座天蝎座 who so unlucky??
最有缘分的星座射手座 wo de lau bu lai de leh...

狮子座很怕寂寞,因此喜欢往热闹的地方钻或者是人来疯,而且狮子座不管在什么场所交朋友他都很容易对朋友真心相对,狮子座这种很容易上当、很容易受骗及很容易被利用的特性就像一块肥肉吸引很多居心不良的人来占他便宜lol ma de say i am fat meat...hahaha pokai ar...

卖友指数:45%---狮子不善于中伤别人。可是假如你让他在众人面前没面子,那你就要小心,逮到机会他一定会重重地给你还击,让你死得很难看。o.o heh heh heh

巨蟹座走的是温情路线,而且他很会安慰人,狮子座在不开心的时候不需要人家建议他方法,他最需要的正是像巨蟹座的这种友情安慰而且通常巨蟹座提出的建议都很中肯,狮子座也很能接受 REALLY??? ta an wei ren??dia scold me de le...ahhahahahaha jk jk >.< if read already dun angry arr...really kidding ajer...

1.第一名:水瓶座:水瓶女放浪形骸,行为惊世骇俗,思想大胆奇特,博爱而花心 ,看淡爱情,让无数痴心男人栽倒于石榴裙下, 实在是"坏".第一当之无愧
2.第二名:天蝎座 天蝎座的女人是毒药,是致命的毒药,小胆男生勿食,吃后必死;胆大的要学会忠诚,背叛者必死;好色的要练好体力,小心满足不了蝎女.蝎女之害极大,男生小心.如果你足够忠诚,坚强,精力充沛,试试也无妨.
3.第三名:双鱼座 双鱼女总是用温柔编织爱情大网,不断捕捉男人,成功率极高,小心啊,不要掉进鱼网哦.
4.第四名:双子座 双子女古灵精怪,俏皮可爱,"坏"到骨子里,却让男人欲罢不能,而他们每天都在想,下一个男人是谁呢?
5.第五名:狮子座 狮子女大小姐一个,不顺着都不行,每天把你当你奴隶使唤,不把你们气死不行,但还是那么光辉耀眼,不爱都不行.
6.第六名:处女座 超爱干净,有洁癖,鸡毛蒜皮她最懂,能搞到你抓狂.
7.第七名:白羊座 脾气火爆一点,但是她的小孩脾气令她很可爱.
8.第八名:金牛座 整天把账算得比谁都清楚,但是不讨厌.
9.第九名:射手座 太花心了,但平时还是很可爱的,豪放女一个.
12:第十二名:巨蟹座:好女生 好女友 好妈妈 好妻子 ma good girl meh?? hahaha



牡羊座无怨无悔的付出,而且恩威并施,所以会得到老公的敬重;金牛座的人眼裡只有老公,她只在意老公,所以為什麼不得婆婆疼?是因為為了老公,婆婆的话她也不见得会听,有了爱情,金牛座工作就摆第二,自然不得上司疼了;狮子座还满懂得男人心,她们有一点公主的心态,有点小刁蛮,这都能牵动男人的心;射手座因為她性格上很小女人,她会黏在老公的身边撒娇,就会让男生很有成就感 wakakakaka....

Monday, November 2, 2009























Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Today is practical exam for service. Few weeks go asked teng pig and apple come connexion and eat so i can serve them and play but then because mr.raja said that conference people will come and have lunch so i was like SHIT man. but he seems to be not too sure yet so i did not inform them first le then really forgot to inform them already lol. sorry dude. i not purposely dun want tell you de lol. sorry dude.

Back to topic.yesterday 2am only sleep because i did one or two esseys then start to memorize some recipe but nothing goes fine. then today morning on the way to college i keep memorize and at last dessert is so easy then follow by the pototoes le. after finish setting up the table,mr.don look at me and jason and ask us go to kitchen lol. i though i did something wrong manakala.hahaha he ask me what we serving how to do main course,dessert and starter lol.the funny part is he ask me how to do mushroom soup but i hahaha i answer something foolish but i sure get B for product knowledge de.not lan si but i am being confidence wakakaka like the story that i stated in the pdp assignment lol OH MY GOD say until pdp i wanna go jump liao. FCUK WEI...ok chill

so the servise was mess up because of the guest did not want me to serve in order but luckily mr.don know our ku chong so i will pass >.< just hope to get better result so i no need to worry about final >.< God bless me "Amen"
yesterday, hehehe...also quite memorable de lol hahaha
after games in computer labw iwth kin lam ailing leslie and...melissa hehehe then 11:30 lol hahaha ping hen hao xiao de call me and say wei...12 that time go find phooi kuan arr...blah blah blah hahaha....she too gan jiong already lol hahaha then make me also nervous although i am the guest lol.feel like make her but people exam lol so i din lol

at first i keep laugh lol don't know why i just feel funny lol...hahah she suddenly say DUN LAUGH... hahahaa make me worst lol hahaha...then eat and chat with phooi kuan and her friend lol but...accident happen...hahahaha my spoon and knife....keep...hahahhaha damn funny lol and dam...zhi zhe lol it was an accident...really lol... i swear dude.... it accident lol but mr.raja wont minus your marks de la... hehehe god bless you lol hehehe mr.raja also din say you fail...xD lol mr.raja come beside me and look at me and i laugh some more lol and he say why keep laugh?then i laugh some more lol CHI JOR SIN lol ahhaha i also dun want de lol hehehe... when the thing look at me... why so gan jiong??face also red already lol i laugh some more lol hahaha just feel funny lol ahhaha

then after eating...go see ms.gan and go see bianca then dun know did what already then saw kian boon on the way to ping house then poh yee come ping house then wait for teng then call him then teng ffk...she dead de le...then...then...then...go my house and almost 6pm he call and fetch us loh

Monday, October 26, 2009

Memorable night at>.<

after ask me faster go off lu...because run out of time lol too late already...hehehe man that night was a GREAT GREAT night man... i did not expect it to be so damn freaking fun....with them....they are stupid...silly... funny hahahaha i really pity him lol... hahaha gang raped hahahaha ke lien de nan ren ahhahaha but happy birthday to him le...all drink a lot lol but because of my voice so i keep drink tea and only drink little bit of beer...but ping drink alot lol...

"they"also drink alot lol gosh....some of them face damn red lol... hahahanext time...if got chance....join again...hehehe.... it is memorable man....we play until mid night lol hehehe fetch them take care of 2 abit drunk de people know who you are la...kekeke some kena .... force to drink lol except me...wakakakak people force i also dun drink hehehe because saw someone drink so much... i really dun want myself to drunk also come first hehehe....get scolded by my auntie because she say i dun know how to drink lol = =" how sad?? reach home then take out contact lens and remove make up lol... ping...hahahashe so tired...sleep lol memang pig...hahaha

it is really memorable lol... he is funny lol... hahaha drunk already still say himself not drunk yet...hahaha but dance there...hahaha he say drunk abit the head will follow the music shake de lol hahaha so funny man and someone drunk until...walk also no energy to walk lol need me to bring her out and rest for awhile lol so tired la... wear 3ince de high heels and dance... my god... 2inces still ok lol... REALLY MEMORABLE night lol
Tuesday went swimming...hehehe maybe going to swim it??lol i also not sure... last monday...yen mei elvin and me wait at LCT de computer there until 3:30 then they 3 go back home lol then left me play quiz until 4:30 got no plan so too bad... go ping house and do assignment but...hehehe we bully him lol hahaha BANANA....i ate durian at her house lol but only 1....piece ma de ar... durian so pro lol kill me straight away lol sore throat already lol

during prom night...thursday... all come my house and blur hair... yer... mom burn my hear de skin lol after i su her lol hehehe then hehehe imma wear contact lens leh... wa liao dam funny lol from 2:30 until 4pm lol ping also fed up ahhahaa i also fed up lol then go clinic lol we 2 walk from 1u de entrance to god... all... look at us like we shy shy...hahahaha then .... go le meriden lol i drink half cup of syrup and .... after a while... i talk... i lost my voice lol MY GOD... not totally lost la... but become guy de voice already lol ahhahaha

we din get lucky draw lol hahaha ping so up sad lol then the shark fin...YARK.... got vinegar smell i mean taste YUK... i drink until half then... cannot tahan liao lol... ping was like... lol 130 and ahhahaha

after a while...hehehe the prom night...macam night club lol my god totally like clubbing... ceh unexpected lol my god then ma dance for a while lol took lots of picture with lecturer lol hehehe....

Monday, October 19, 2009


Again...i forgot what i suppose to type out lol...

morning...sms ping lo...and kena scold lo..because...hehehe bad habits... but not my fault la is because auntie mee jee say 12:30 reach but 12:45 only reach because she rush back from sepang leh...what can i do??lol then mom ask her to eat eat until 1:00 lol GO MI >.<" and...i left my chicken rice at home lol but yeaterday i reach home the chicken rice already hilang wo.. OH i know liao... because i 10pm reach home but mom 2pm reach home so she throw it away liao ba...

that night...huh huh huh Jane jie jie get third leh...after the thing end me and ping run down and take photo...hehehe...and get talented award lol WOO... dua award lol...did not wasted the money that we sms her lol... kekeke her talent...hahaa quite what what de lol hahaha... don't know did they pai dao wo men or not lol hehe after we can see ourself in astro then...AAAAHHHHHH lol >.<''lol they ask us to off our hand phone lol because those wire...will get interupt so better off lu...make me break that time only on once lolwe scream lol hehehe but something left out...because we don't have the pit pit pit...don't know call what le... first mom tell me i can sleep at genting hotel...GENTING hotel say expensive than highland de leh... happy so ma ask ping ping come and sleep together lu...hehehe manakala.....HOW SAD hor ping??wasted...hehehe someone was unhappy with something because of certain people lol haiz... fan dao xi lol that time...

second day"sunday"...9something wake up...don't know is ping or auntie mee jee wake me up de lol then ma rush to the other hotel to bath and xxx lu...then then then???what already arr??sit car...go kl central...go...???whatever then see bai chuen nue wang le... HOH HOH HOH keep heard jing ru de song and elvin and jackie keep stand at lobby lol hahaha me and kin lam keep walk walk walk then kelvin and dickson but after awhile they wanna go time square but i wanna see leng lui and leng zai i ma stand and zi zi zi....squiz in the middle lol. the girl don't know call what shang wu shuang very leng lui lol they still say she old??mana old lol their eye sure blind = =" yer...something very throw those thing at rechts und links und hinten lol how about vorns??so bad forgot to bring camera...hehehe sorry dude>.<"then after all we gotime square and...hehehe i persuade someone bought something lol people keep xin thong lol...haiz... bought something which you think looks really good should be happy de ma....manakala...haiz... xD all also like that hahaha except me... WAKAKAKAKA kelvin very funny lol should say 38??or just funny lol

until 9pm fetch me and ping go WAN YOU and we walk almost THE WHOLE dam thing between 1hour i think right ping?? lol

Thursday, October 15, 2009



由于周六的计划都是这么 ren but all past already...all settle,I GUESS...



加上星期六...嘿嘿嘿,我有重要的做lol 我会跟你在那里见面 ,我亲爱的JJ >.<



was planning after lunch go ping house to sleep then after college stay back at computer lab and do mpw de late...go her house and sleep??or finish that stupid assignment first then tomorrow only go her house and sleep??fcuk lol...hate to choose wei... last week...MY GOD...the assignment...zzz fcuk man... and the kitchen's form...mahai arr...i do until DAMN tired DAMN stress DAMN unhappy DAMN dissapointed man...but atlast i still finish it already...GOD BLESS ME >.< but now...mpw...theory...and accomdation only this 3 is the one who kills me...other...i 100% will get over it...

ok...i hate to use chinese to type man...barger ar....mahai ar... keep wait for translation plus the translation keep translate something not logic de lol... sohai lai de lol mfg...because don't have things straight away translate to chinese man...

fcuk myself lol stay at lab...tilll now... WHAT SHIT ALSO HAVEN COME OUT... fcuker ar... sohai lai de lol me ini go her house then tomorrow do assignment or today do assignment and tomorrow go her house and sleep gao gao lat??come on...asshole... choose one man...barger betul lah....

Thursday, October 8, 2009

With Your Thoughts <3

You lie inside your head. Your thoughts confuse you, and you would rather be anyone else than yourself. You convince yourself of things that aren't true. You might think you are ugly, stupid, mean, or annoying, when you are actually none of those things. You constantly put yourself down and convince yourself that you don't deserve anything good. You don't hear compliments and when people give you one, you deny it. You give others the compliments you wish you could give yourself, but when you think of who you are, only the negative comes to mind. It is possible you are paranoid about what others are saying about you behind your back, or are trying to match yourself to an impossible standard. There might have been someone in your life who put you down so much you actually started to believe it. Trust me, if you think you are a bad person, you most likely aren't. Bad people think they are good, otherwise they wouldn't be as mean.You lie because you mistake it for the truth. When others tell you positive things about yourself, you often just believe they are lying to make you feel better. In actuality, they are telling the truth and you are lying to yourself. Your weakness are the people who don't openly compliment you, but truly believe you are amazing anyway. Their compliments are along the lines of "You make me feel happy" or "You are my everything." A lot of people find these cheesy, but these are the compliments that allow you to feel good about yourself for who you are. When people tell you good things about themselves and tell you it's all because of you, the dark lies you tell yourself seem to float away.

lol it seems like the way i think is really same as what it says lol... pro la....people who create this zuen in secondary that time i always like that de lol... but now... don't know??

oh boy....i do think i am stupid from small until big because my auntie scold me STUPID from small until big.... >.< i do think i am annoying...because i always talk rubbish at the wrong situation that my friends and mom says. ugly ma... i don't think i am pretty,i don't think i am beautiful,i don't think i am elegant and i don't think i am ugly. i think i am 9/10 normal and 1/10 ugly because i am not the perfect one...
can say i am a person WITHOUT CONFIDENCE but i really think i am not good enough la....

Like it.....quiet accurate but compair to last time...i am more like a LEO than now...because...

Read it... or Leave it...

Leo Astrology July 23 - August 22

Leo Strength Keywords:
- Confident
- Ambitious
- Generous
- Loyal
- Encouraging

Leo Weakness Keywords:
- Pretentious
- Domineering
- Melodramatic
- Stubborn
- Vain

Leo and Independence:
Leo is very independent but they need something to control and someone to admire them and appreciate them. They are fully capable of being greatly successful on their own but they are much happier if they have an audience and a following of people who look up to them. They would prefer not be alone.

Leo and Friendship:
People are attracted to Leo's zest for life and their warm spirit. They have the ability to lift up one's spirits and provide encouragement when times are rough. Their enthusiasm attracts people, Leos are social butterflies, not because they want to be but because people always naturally gravitate and surround the Leo. Leos are very difficult people to not like, they are usually fairly balanced, realistic people. They never dwell on the past and they will think you are strange if you do. Some Leos might be too caught up in themselves and be very self-centered but they are never too self-absorbed to help anyone who needs it. They pamper their friends and treat them well. A Leo is the ultimate friend. They do not hold a grudge and they are very forgiving. They have respect and understanding of people's differences. i??

Leo and Business:
Business dealings are easy and successful for Leo, if they are in command and control. This can cause conflict in the workplace should the Leo not be in a position of superiority, but they usually get there eventually thanks to their powerful drive to succeed, in other words, they are excellent leaders because this is their kingdom they have to control, and they do it well. Leo has an amazing ability to get along with people and they work best in a group as opposed to alone. They can be very diplomatic in a group setting and can delegate people well, however Leo will not take orders. They need to give orders but with their enthusiasm and cheerfulness, other people do not have a problem taking orders from a Leo because they are never condescending and they treat others with respect and equality. Leos are full of drama, flair and extravagance and this reflects in the business world. They make an impact, they make a difference in the workplace and help to keep the parts moving in sync and iron out any problems before they arise. If the business fails, that means that Leo fails and they are extremely determined not to fail. Leo is the most extravagant sender of all astrology signs. They will not over do it but they will surround themselves with luxury as much as possible. They will never settle for second best.

Leo Temperament:
Leo loves the new and extraordinary, they despise dull, regular routines and if this is what they are faced with, they will simply create their own drama and excitement. This makes Leo prone to stir up a situation out of nowhere just for something to keep their vivacious temperament satisfied. Leo has an amazing ability to bounce back from any feelings of despair or unfortunate events. They do not like to be unhappy, it hurts their pride so they will take matters into their own hands and make things right again. Leos could come into conflict with other powerhouse type of people who will not take orders and not give an inch, Leos will not budge their opinion, they will understand and accept opinions of others but they do not take well to people to try to impose their beliefs on them. Leo most often have the temperament of a demanding, spoiled child but this is only shown if someone steps on the boundaries of their kingdom. They react this way because of their territoriality.

Leo Deep Inside:
Leos are extremely sensitive but they hide that very well. Leos love praise and flattery, their egos demand respect and adoration. Leo is all about pride. This can cause them to be self-centered but the warmth of the Leo heart keeps it under control. If Leo's audience (otherwise known as their friends) do not provide the needed appreciation, Leo is too proud to ask for it and they will suffer a hurt ego, but no one will ever know and they will suffer in silence. The secret of the Leo is that they need to be needed. yeah...i need to be needed by friends >.<

Leo in a Nutshell:
Leo is the lion, this well suited symbol represents Leo very well. They possess a kingdom which they protest and cherish. The are high esteemed, honorable and very devoted to themselves in particular! The kingdom could be anything from work to home to a partner, whatever it is, you rule it. Leo is always center stage and full of flair, they enjoy basking in the spotlight. A Leo always makes their presence known. Leo are full of energy that acts like a magnet for other people. Others are attracted to Leo's wit, charm, and what they have to say for they speak of things grand and very interesting. Leo will never settle for second best. They want only the best which can cause lavish excessive spending habits as they enjoy their life of luxury, which is all to easily justified by the grand and magnificent Leo! Public image is very important to Leo, with luxurious possessions and ways of life, this keeps the public image in high standing. They will do whatever it takes to protect their own reputation. Leos are very generous, kind and openhearted people. If a Leo is crossed, they will strike back with force but they are not one to hold a grudge, they easily forgive, forget and move on.(yeah...thats why people always scold me idiots as i always forget stuff.that was just not what i want dude...) Leos are always trying to make things right in the world, they have larger then life emotions and they need to feel like they have accomplished something at the end of the day. They react to situations with action instead of sitting back and thinking about it, they are not impulsive however because they look at the future and consider consequences of their actions.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Mom and Watch

Oh, ya...just remember something very important...yesterday night...after mom fetch me home...I told her lots of things which means... i were bullshitting again...hehehe i have to much shits to shit sorry...if my mouth don't shit then i am a piece of shit... i told mom what happen in college...what happen at one utama...and my mom agree with what i think...and i going to tell someone which is give some advide...about something which i had ask ALL my secondary friends' opinion...of course i din ask straight forward... i got drive a car and make a BIG U-turn la... hehehe...i mature a bit again liao...all is because of EVERYDAY...EVERY MOMENT every friend that teach me and show me EVERY SINGLE thing that happen beside a good a good..."thing" i will know more people in the futre and i will grow up with more knowledge about LIFE...and ok back to topic.
my mom show me a mom say not very nice..then i wear it..and i likethe structure of is just like the one i bought at SWATCH but it sudah hilang in my home town because stolen by some moron. so i ask mom to give me as my 18th birthday lol...hehee guess what?? it cost 850 swatch cost 200 only le... WAAKAKAKA first time get something so expensive... and i gave mom lots of example things that happen beside me...and i told her what i think about it and she teach me what is wrong and right >.<>.<>.< i won't feel embrasse if people do and wear same thing with me lol... i think i should be proud as my taste is not bad lol...i don't understand why some people de face really that THICK LOL just like those drama lol...haiz...

with my friends

My eye damn freaking tired man...tomorrow gonna pass up kitchen stuff now is already 1am...
haiz... last week...that whole week...i din have enough sleep. TOTALLY DON'T HAVE enough sleep.this weekend also same...haiz....rushing for all this xx thingi...zzzz haiz... life suckx man...

Thursday~my friend birthday actually i was not planning to join them because it was held at 10:30 i forsure cannot make it de...and so...i stay back at computer lab to do finish kitchen practical stuff or not my group all cannot go for ping need recipe from ms.gan so i suen bien give her lo...was going to give her a surprise de but i guess she was sleeping so dun kacau her le.. but suddenly got people call lol...= ="then ping say all waiting down there then i suddenly feel like gng...then go le...hehehe...that night me,ping and pei keep....haiz...ate egg kosong lol hahaha...but it is happy to be with them lol... with heart and brain just tell me to be myself they know me so long...they don't mind me to laugh like mad girl lol..huh huh huh...but KK was the one who makes me and su mei to laugh until throat pain lol with them...they won't think i am embarrassing them so..."much" and being with need to care so much about what those shits thinks of me. actually that day... we saw.. JAY CHOW...WOW SHOCK LEH?? JAY CHOW LEH... waakakakakakka damn funny lol everythings was SO DAMN FREAKING good man...

then lantern night...hehehe....quite fun man... that morning ... i slept at x and wake up at 12:30 then i was like SHIT MAN... they say 1pm wait at one utama but 1:30 also can. so i faster go bath and at last 1:30 i reach old wing lu...when we having lunch jason tan join us lol...hahaha he and my dear girl keep argue lol i think she does not like him that much but suddenly... hen you muo qi wo... HAHAHAHA that night was stupid and funny hahaha actually not very stupid la...then we walk whole still cannot get a sport shoe for her... but never mind.. my advise is buy a shoe...if you are not rushing then take time to buy one that is your taste and you really LOVES it then that is worthy la... FOR ME LA...

then we went to...don';t know what place... looks like bar...looks like restaurant lol everyone says the food was BAD and i eat until almost vomit lol my god...then go sendi park and we go find ping ping le....wa...her dog...very hyper lol... keep then we walk around her house le....then ping need go other place then all say BYE bye la of course...hehehe... too bad she only join us for awhile. until half we suddenly remember...we forgot to call one person out...but it was too i think that person got ...own plan with own friends ba...never mind le... next time ba... tired

i think i know in future i should have friend with what kind of personality... hehehe...of course is...wan de qi de i really love to play.... huh huh huh this gonna be very important. but my feeling tell me...tong chang wan de qi de ren...dou hen bu shi he.. be my very close buddy and brothers wo... lol if want wan de qi de ren...then most probably is guy liao lo??haiz...if girls then...heh heh heh...i know what to play already man... wakakaka

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

These few days...i keep don't get to sleep well...actually not cannot get to sleep well. is i dont have enough time for me to sleep.tomorrow need to pass up pdp...the day after need to pass up the form and finish e-forum... my god... hope my mpw will pass in this semester...

In A'famosa i sleep at 3 am and wakes up at morning because some naughty dong dong purposely wakes me up for fun lol naughty dao......
at home i sleep at 4am and wakes up at 8am for class...where got enough sleep???
the day before i sleep at 6:30 at wakes up at 7:50 and almost late for german but actually i late already...

yesterday i do the board and print market list i 3am only sleep...

i think to night i 2am only sleep gua...

Life suckx....

seriously...i am damn tired... damn freaking tired.... this fcuking air-con... makes my nose pain my eye painful and i feel damn freaking cold... computer lab's air con sux because too cold asshole

Monday, September 28, 2009

itu ma...wanna write blog but no time...because ping just finish kitchen class already so...suan liao le...after she wait until angry how???lol kekeke
today going to have many things to do...haiz...doing to be a long day... i think don't do until midnight also wont finish the work god... hope i can make it le... the decoration board,pdp assignment maybe do later le....and....e-forum


called meow ask her wanna come or not but she so tired so dun wan go le...

at first i heard ms.gan maybe not going to class then i heard ms.gan got someother thing to do so will not be in the kitchen whole day. Then ping is going to incharge of chef and ask them to do stuff lo...sure die de lol...because i think some people no limit de plus they don't know where is the limit so sure got something happen i decide to stay back le...but actually i already plan to stayback de la...i want go help because i thought there will be less people plus i love to help friend in kitchen because i think it is FUN.I know ping dun like people play in kitchen de lol... i scolded by her before...hehehe so the conclusion is she really dun let me go nevermind le...
Then i in computer lab with kin lam and moy lien,lie mei and yen yen lol the air con damn cold lol. we all play F2F lol i long time din play properly so all also wants to raise their prize lol...if i have enough budget i will de...hehehe...after a while i go down and want to go in and have a look see whether everything goes smooth.but i saw people having class infront so cannot go in. then i look from outisde le...saw a guy seems like it is lecturer. as a lecturer is inside then i guess everything gonna run smooth so no need to worry already le...
but then din expect it used up more then 3hours to do a prep. it means there must be something happen thats why so late lol. if ms.gan there only need 1-2hours for prep de lol.
ping call and her voice is weird...i though i was too sensitive or maybe she is just tired.then i made a silly move and ping say i wu liao...and she laugh lol hahaha hehehe...silly can make people laugh de ma... >.< hehehe...although she is my nieghbour but i still call her. after that she say she is tired then i though we still talking through the phone...manakala...hehehe...

haiz...she tired....i also tired la... ifew days din sleep properly already ice cream can make people got energy so she say should buy 1 more lol = ="fat fat er...

ade bayi di rumahnya er...siapa punya wa??? her cousins one lol

Thursday, September 24, 2009

.....The relationship was not that smooth as i expected before.....
.....Would it be forever like this??? :=(maybe is :_( lol it is over already...
.....If it grow better also cannot be like olden days.....although not very old >.<
.....It is over.....
.....Is too late.....
.....Is too late to apologize.....Is too late.....hahaa
.....Is too late to say sorry
.....Is too late.....

.....If I din join.....
.....If I din.....
.....If that din happen.....

.....What din join???
.....What din start the conversation???
.....What din join???
.....What if i go to xxx???
.....What if.....

There is no such a thing call as "Regret"
There is no such a thing call as "Second Chance"
There is no such a thing call as "Too Late... "
There is no such a thing call as "What If... "

If everything is done...
That means it's done...

Don't regret for every single thing that you had done...
Don't regret for every single thing that you had decided...

You won't get a Second chance for the thing you had done...
You won't be forgive what if you had done something wrongly...

All would be just too late...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Next Montag und Donnersday-Samstag

"Mon tag" mom told me that we are going back to nilai to visit po po and gong gong with bra bra,mama,auntie mee jee, my aunt, eldest brother and second brother there parents hehe 2cars start journey lol mom say i sot de... 8Uhr...Schlafe bad lol then what for she say morning??lol za dao lol..should be Nachmittag ba...not staying overnight ba... i gonna eat kaya pao there lol heheh my favourite kaya pao man...

Than mom says next Donner stag gehe to A'Famosa and mom invite ping de family also lol oh ya...and...hehehe someone "if go then we can go eat nyonya food le....and...there will be a GOoD SHOW showing in the bungalow but only valid for few of us to watch...WAKAKAKA even my parents are not included...hehehe...i very CHI DAI le... how arr??? got a bit scare scare neh...hahaha how arr??worry it will fail lol...hmm...god bless XX le....wakakakak"but not sure who will be going also...actually mom also say lent one more bungalow for my college friend to stay de..but like all also not free then mom just cancel the prepared enough food for few of us who is going to stay overnight.hope we wont get not enough food.those food is for us de supper lol if not enough...someone gonna die also ask me and ping to invite meow meow,piggie,sotong,durian,moi moi to go de...told meow before and she says she and A going melaka so maybe will come and visit us for awhile as they having their own journey...aiya... anything la...

Saturday nothing special...just that...

some uncle came to my house then goes off in the afternoon.Then just to inform some one that he and his brother came to my house at the evening and he sit beside and watch miss astro lol as my cousin sister is inside...wakakakaka...i like her hair because it makes her look more pretty and got one girl speak so fluency make me so jealous.because only a few speak REALY well and she is the only one that can speak 98% without stop in a sentence lol SO PRO MAN...admire her lol...his brother keep say how bad is those girls lol but me and him keep discussing which one look pretty and which one looks not so pretty.we laugh like hell lol his brother keep say people this one not good that one not good...even the judgement also criticise by him... my god...he must be mad with the judges.He stay until...forgot what time...but his brother leave after 1 hour lol.watched the drug addict de movie with him lol.although i watch before already but he seems like interested in it and mom having conversation with him so just watch lor.. as ping and meow de "leng zai"is on tv...hehehe then his friend keep call him out yam cha la...atlast got people no car need people to fetch so...hehehe...

he very funny lol but actually is my mom funny lol....he was explaining to my mom about drugs got how many kind and which one is the worst then my mom suddenly take the sharp sharp thing and put the dustbin infront of him then he faster hide his hand and say NO!!!!nononono lol i was like WHAT IS HAPPENING?? then mom say come... give me your hand... IT IS TOO LONG.... lol hahaha finger too long??hahaha then they keep argue and my mom was so funny lol until i feel she is cute hahahaha i laugh at him there then mom say okey dun cut hand then cut leg...hahaha then i laugh until stomach pain lol then his leg keep moving here and there lol hahaha he beg my mom lol hahaha at last i gave them a good suggestion and was accepted hahaha...this happy arguement always happen lol. this arguement always makes people laugh till stomach edge de... next time i must record it and show someone hahaha
lol leg so pain that day lol. because went for hill climbing then the next day go repair bicycle manakala ban down for.....1hour also got i guess....then hehehe very scary lol i stand at the back for the bicycle and jie jie fetch me from mega to dj lol then go syed abu makan hahaha got people become wet chicken lol hahaha and very cold lol keep use sharp eye look at me....hehehe... not my fault lol is jie jie suddenly say wanna go makan de then i use jie jie de phone to call people manakala....keep press keep cannot call... geksei me lol hahaha sorry about that lol hahaha i am stupid hehehe...

at night play polish bicycle la...i very hard working people hu hu~~~ i though friday can play wash car and moto bite de...manakala....forgot why din do that already lol...

friday counted as had lunch with elvin and lie mei elvin talk de slang...very china...hahaha yen yen dun wan come out and eat lol lie mei waiting for mom so i da bao and eat lol ping de mom cook food already..then after awhile i went to ping house and play my psp then 3pm got people wanna kick me out of the house...hahaha then ping cycle accompany me to college to take money la...then go eat cendol then saw someone de "leng zai"wo...sorry i din notice him that much lol i thought he is fat fat know this kind of people hor...don't observe friend de...don't look for leng zai and leng lui not observant...hahaha i know la...gonna say excuse...SAD...when eating cendol saw mr.raja lol hahaha...don't know we eat cendol is wait for someone to come or really eat de lol hahaha...then cycle back le...actually wanna go back college and take back those stuff de as ping say until so scary but then...i din bring my locker key and two of us also din bring handphone out lol...hehehe then go back...auntie warn me to take back the chicken leg and mushroom that cooked by her and for me lol >.<"thank you auntie...the chicken leg and mushroom very tasty lol my mom and daddy also say nice lol hehehe....
slept without knowing then some one wake me up lol....and had dinner there lol then after dinner ping go sleep then i online to watch Black and White then sook teng call me then mom come then go back and watch movie lol

Friday, September 18, 2009

LOLx days ago mom promise ping get 5 pax for her as she will be serving my mom lol manakala after monday or tuesday mom told me got 10pax then i was like WOW but all wanna eat salmon in my connexions lol i was like.. SHIT LA.... promise ping liao then now... wtf???then mom gave me a good idea and so finially make 10pax also go cafe87 lol. but people say become dish washer wo.. then i was my mom say if ping dont serve then go cafe87 for what??lol my god = ="haiz....then mom keep scold me because i keep din make reservation at connexions lol...i purposely one lol hehehe for my goods tuesday that very angry because those pax not much eat main course mom so pro lol keep find pax for me"us" wednesday that time mom go 2 restaurant lolhehe... i went out and find mammy that time i saw around 7auntie all looks like stranger lol all finding restaurant so i lead them to cafe87 lol then i help people wash plate and things because i have nothing to do lol...i keep wash keep talk keep laugh like sot sot po like that hehee... but i happy ar... care for other people for farks ar...haiz... if a person not happy then make people worry and sad also lol so sot sot is good wakakaka...sure got people say dun too over de la... arr???no mood to write already le...because wanna watch movie at you tube...hehehe continue next time ba le...

Monday, September 14, 2009


then the next day got people tell me that

when my dad off the tv that time still cant fall a sleep...
when my dad off all the light that time cant fall a sleep...
when my dad "owling" that time also cant fall a sleep...hahaha dam stupid lol

lol za dao lol haiz sleep so late...i also sakit hati lol last time she say don't know what happen..something make her not feeling well so she cant sleep but lucky some one come to that room lol. when she told me that i was yo yo... you thing stupid fellow... don't know how to wake me up de arr?? stupid la you... if you scared to wake me up when you not feeling well then me this friend is for what de??? for bai mei arr??? stupid dong dong la you ni memang chien bien lol...If you really Treat me as a real friend then tell me when you not feeling well la...haiz...brainless de lol...hehehe...ya got problem that time,you tell me nan dao i won't help you meh...stupid de lo next time again we no friend do lol FAHAM?? you this stupid fellow ar...although i know you not fat la...hehehe
Really lol...if next time you got something make you not feeling well but you don't wanna tell me then i not your friend already lol or not wat is bbf for?? you yourself say is bbf de dare to fight back i gonna chop your bird bird and XX off lol hehehe... although you don't have hehehehe....
Got one time meow meow also whole day din sleep because not feeling well lol i regret that i din bring her out with me and ping together lol or not i cant take care of her lol hehehe...haiz...too bad god wants her to suffer AHHAHHAAA lol joking de joking de...

then sleep until half way me and ping wake up lol because we heard westlife de song lol...some one playing westlife de song at theme park we guess...then i still wake and sleep wake and sleep for few songs lol and i heard my love she heard one song then sleep liao hahaha macam cui mien...kekeke...
the next the way back got people play Loco Roro until...wa liao... like very "ci gik" lol hahaha so funny...and very hyper when first saw "BURNOUT" lol nan dao is because someone also LOVES to play that game too thats why so hyper?? WAKAKAKAKAK lol joking de... hehehe

got people say when new year eve that time want me join wo.. don't know real or not de lol...hehehe...
Let me refresh first.....
Hmmm.....Oh i remember already.....


Friday I went to genting with my family and one special person which is apple lol. she is a special person because i din expect her to come actually so quiet surprise la hehehe.that day i ask her to bring Final Destination 1,2 and 3 because i wanna watch at genting during night till midnight because it would be more scary and exciting lol hehehe i took my PSP from my cousin brother there and on the way we play Loco Rolo lol quiet fun lol then reach upthere already i wanna watch Final destination de but de cannot watch i was like WTF man...then nevermind ler then i watch High School Musical 3 lu..
During dinner time, we went for karaoke le...not very expensive de la...because my parents pay ma...hehehe lee ping also get free to sing with me... my brother din sing lol HOW SAD?? wanna hear his...his...broken voice hahahaha his apple haven come out yet hahahaha....learn from I not stupid 2 de leh..hehehe
after that dad sponsor me money to bring ping and loong go walk walk and makan makan and blow wind wind de hehehe but then wanna put PSP in the room first manakala...after a while i saw ping ping tired dao lying on the bed then nevermind le...let her sleep le...then i only Final...OMG can open miracle lol then the first chapter almost finish ping wake up...that time almost 11:45 already lol me and ping said between 11:45 and 12 we must go in..."that place"de.but then my brother there a lone no people take care and final destination so gan jiong so ...SAD...and we din go yam cha also lol how sad??nevermind i still got money to keep wakakakaka...

when i parents come back they also ask me to go mc donald to have supper or go old town to yam cha lol but final third episode start not long then i feel sleepy and sleep lol after 10minutes don't know my mom or that apple hit me and wake me up lol
ask me to sleep on the bad... hehehe naughty ping ping for sure lol. then i ma mong cha cha sleep lol

TO BE CONTINUE...wakakakakaka

Sunday, September 6, 2009

sunday which is today i went to tropicana city mall for The haha...a guy scream 4 times hahaha so bad that i did not see it lol ahahha that movie is exciting la but not that scary lol hahahaha if i am beside that guy... i would laugh like hell lol hahahaha...if my cousin brother there i think he will also laugh like hell hahahaha....i got cry got feel gan jiong but i guess i will feel scare when i go and watch final destination loli like that small little girl in that movie/... she is so cute which i like her looking. if i would have a baby in future hope it looks like her...she is like so charming lol.then i walk to petronas then mom fetch me there lol then come back and watch the the...the... don't know call what...quite touching..then cry lolthen gor gor came to my house and yell at my little naughty brother lol
4weeks ago Mr.Don gave us assignment.2weeks ago Eric,which is our group leader plan to go chillis for the assignment's this saturday 12noon all meet at one utama de chilli there fetch me go ping's house to take my pen drive then fetch kay shin and moy lien lolas they are same group as me.because that dong dong restaurant thing don't let us take picture don;t let us ask question...blah blah blah... a piece of shit man... so i am not going to waste money for that fcuking restaurant okey?? forgod 5 of us also chinese so...luckily that chinese staff lol.he gave us some information.i think is because we or I only very weird. I only know i keep look right left up back lol maybe they think i am introder ehhehee....but i still need to call their officer to get approvement then we can have a interview with their god i need to call and talk lol SCARE SCARE leh...quite satisfy actually...hehehe

after that moy lien accompany me to gsc because i wanna watch G.I.Joe de duck which i love one of the movie of his "She is the man" it is one of my favourite movie man... LOVE IT!!!but it is 6:30 lol that time only 2:30 craZY MEH...4hours leh... so we went to tgv lo...then it is 5:10 lol still very long then at last i decide to watch at tgv then got one promoter come and ask me answer some question then can have free movie at tgv leh.. of course i will help la... as we can help each other hehehe... then i keep ask moy lien want or not lol. as i want kedua-dua pun got free movie ma. so anopther girl come and ask her lol. hehehe free movie on saturday SO GOOD... >.< the movie was.. COOL man....we went to play pool SO HAPPY that i lose at the first game then i won at the second game man. then we play bowling lo...and moy lien win hehehe...actually we wanna go chiong K de... but pay 26++ only can sing for 2 hours??no way too bad...
hehehe friday ping go do assignment with king lam and qing and ask me join moy lien but i already told teng to borrow me her bow tie lol so need to wait till 2pm lol then bianca sitting there asking me got anything to do at 2pm if no then join her lol. then 1pm that time meow n yan n lunwanna go kfc but we atlast go you yee and eat healthy foodhehehe.then go library meet jason and his girl friend.then ping finish doing assignment then join us lol. we saw so many people in ou lol. but seems like some one don't like it i guess...then hehehe ping keep make fun of bianca lol hahaha make bianca "very hard do people"lol hahahaha chinese translate to english is so special.then play pool lol me n ping same group then bianca...haiz...then haiz...i so sucks...then finish already

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

At last i can online and type some stupid thing in this thing liao...zzzwhen i got something to write this line not working...when i got nothing to write then this stupid line play de ffffff.....stupid mom pay for it to work not to lag okey...bastard...asshole...made fcuking... lol ci bai betul...2weeks cant on msn and ant online liao leh...chao ci bai ar...patient also got limit one la...fcuking line... also no mood to say what happen these 2 weeks and also forgot what happen liao la... all is fcuking streamyx's bai kia....wa liao...yuen lai i know so much "RUDEeeeeeee" word de leh...hehehe


let me think first...history starts....

last last tuesday or thursday we go swim swim lor...ade orang very happy because....because...wakakakakka.....haha haiz...she keep kena xxxx and xxx by him lol hahaha...i look liao also laugh and no eye to see hahahaha...then...
last last people cook cook o....and got people eat eat de people say very tasty and cook de people...hehehe...happy dao...jiu yi zi happy happy lol hahaha...when i call him...he keep sleeping de lol...wait for him to come also slow slow de lol. but got people very patient de...hehehe wait how long also can hope they don't read my blog ler...after reading this part sure kill me de WAKKAKAKAK

last tuesday swim wednesday cook thursday swim

friday i go see dentist this kind of lazy people...2months din see doctor Lee liao...haiz... so sad he forget about me liao hehehe...actually wanna join meow meow de... but then...wong timing lor...then ping ping de sister to see "ji ci xia" and alex lor..haha her sister got electric by him hahaha then...then...then/// what happen liao arr??forgot liao lol

i suddenly remember hor...dont know which friday...i think is last last friday i went out with pig dick ping and me means myself la...we...we...try to wear blouse dress...blah blah i remember got people say wanna show people all the picture we took in changing room lol kekeke...we went to don't know that restaurant call what and have lunch with moy lien lor...

...we go swim again lol people keep say the muscle hor.. BIG liao lo...ceh...macam only that person de muscle big liao jiang...then ping ping follow me home and we....heah heah hea.... and we chat talk talk...why girl like to talk de???i used to talk crab...but now i used to talk....those stuff...hehehecampur de people not same...will make people change habit and attitude ad ways of living lol MY GOD... hehehe but this kind of change.. proves that i mature liao wakakakaka...

mondayyesterday she ask me wanna go mid valley or not wo...O.O got people fang ns de aeroplane then go mid valley with us haha so fan pi ler...teng also got go lol pig n lien not free...too bad fetch us dao train then walk walk walk... O.. i remember liao...GOT PEOPLE RM10....KENA TIPU LIAO..hahhaha lolthen got people sakit hati...then learn elvin de na zao...DERMA....hahahhaha then she so sayang then want to belanja her lo...manakala...she... make a fool of me lol...also say liao i belanja de la... manakala... itu dong huan chien de ar...also say belanja la... "BALANJA" is haiz...speechles...i put or counted and throw the money on the table then im going to toilet then run away lol when i come out i saw she standing there...i so scare she really give me back the money lol.then she...ceh.... lol she keep say if dont take back the money then no friend do dao lol...aku ni "bai ga lui" lai de...hmm...if my parents you chien then i think i 100% bai ga lol...haha i sure keep buy things for good friends de lol hahaha...lucky im not....then ping ping bought a pouch??wallet???not...don't know call what la...then i give the sales give rm20 then ade people say i count to 5 you take 10 i take 10... za dao lol

today i saw samanta in toilet lol SCARE ME... i meant i really got a shock lol....i was like IS THAT HER??in our college??impossible man...she in kdu???IMPOSSIBLE man...then i told ping she also got a shock...
swim swim...very scare lol got people keep...looking at us...gua cukai and TB zai is safer leh...we went for sauna hehehe....her face red liao but my face...memang bu yao nien hahahaha mammy say swim swim very good...keep want me to go more lol...just now i don't have enough air lol lucky ping ping give me some air.. wakakakaa lol joking de...hahahahahalol really almost no air lol.. so scare i xxx there... but got people will jiu wo de hehehe