Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I am going to finish my degree ...Last exam 12June
                            Last assignment due date 31July

Last time having a trip with degree really close friends... T.T22th June

During Feb&March we discuss about going a state for 1-2days trip then We discuss about Hong Kong trip as i can get 1 month free accommodation

but both not happening because when u have 5-10 people there will be half agree n half disagree.

This really upset me because I regret did not go for a last trip with diploma's friends, That is apart of our memory in EACH STAGE. each stage of your life help u by making u grow up and make u experience new stuff. **It is okey so i planned to go Hong Kong and China by my own ;P or with my mom~~ If Air Asia available in London i will choose it anyway too bad..**

During May, someone suggested Genting Trip.
From disappointing goes to a little hope.
After a conversation with one of them, We decided to plan both Genting and Island Trip. Whoever can join then join, do not need to care if they dont wan to enjoy our last chance to be together.

I get free rooms so that for weak financial friends could afford to go too. So now I am really on a holiday mood and do not feel like studying for my finals.... I know it is really bad but whenever i think of having a great time with friends in a trip would be the best!!! I dream i could jump to that trip immediately!! Agroup of people squeeze in a room in Genting and everyone can enjoy their own room or choose to waste some room tickets leave the room blank n sleep together ...

I remember we used to go genting with my best friends 6-7 of them all squeeze in 1 room 2 single bed... sometimes a few sleep on the floor but most of the time we sleep on these bed... sometimes we DONT SLEEP at all... either walk around down there or drinks chitchat awake whole day!!! or sleep few hours then continue our CRAZY activities aaha...

If you feel like doing it? DO IT
 If u feel like working on it? Work it out
When u feel regret? stop regreting,,,, try to make it happen now so wont regret more!!!