Saturday, February 27, 2010


today went to genting.

Yesterday i was not able to buy the genting ticket because the counter had closed. Woke up at 6:15am.start engine around 7:15am and reach there 7:30sharp if follow my watch la. 8 am sits all sold out so bought 11:30 de. Go mamat 24hours then 9am they2 pergi Q for 30minutes... manakala...cannot go up..then we wait there until 10am bus come. I was so happy to be the first group in that Q. as time goes on, those people's attitude and things makes me feel annoying. At last, i really emo about it. If that time i were to open my mouth, forsure all these uncle and auntie would remember me for more than 1month. They really pissed me off... Lukily i did not open fire or not my friend all sure no face left. >..< "ok la~~ sorry for showing black face har...but just dun want to hurt u when my heartbeat goesdam freaking fast feel like hitting people and SCOLDING some asshole"i can speak with really sharp needle once i get REALLY REALLY PISSED OFF like those asshole just cut the Q and...grrr.... talk about it also angry... Q there for dam freaking long but in the end get nothing back... THAT IS JUST WHAT I HATE too... ma de fcuker cut K's Q ma cau hai arr... but when i saw those doggy~~~ =] i start to smile jor because they just look so cute. I did not know some of them are pissed off too >.<>.< fang xin bah "mem"

Fishball always recover fast fast de ma...
if not i will always cry and emo infront all of you jor la...
where will still laughing like mad women infront of u all de... >.< jiu shi because nothing inside my heart only can smile n laugh de ma... i am a person which cannot ACT ACT de lo... because i know act act very xin ku... i won't force myself to do something i don';t like one...

plus if im that lousy then i would have crying every single day when im staying in my auntie's house for half of my entire life jor la... >.< but being so talkative also must have special thank to mommy and auntie's decision that changes my whole entire life. Now i really don't know should i say thank to them or just hate their past decision?? i wonder what would i be IF that decision is not made... but the fact is now~~I AM WHO I AM~~ so...i must enjoy...

enjoy being drunk~~~ (WAHAHAHAHA really enjoy larr... OKEY~~~ that day...that im is one of my HAPPIEST MOMENT IN MY LIFE~~ I will never forget until the moment i leave this world)
enjoy being stupid~~~
enjoy being a fool~~~
enjoy being scolding by everyone~~ tak hurt pun~~
enjoy the time being withh all my friends~~~
enjoy the time being with my family~~~
enjoy the time being with my relatives ~~~

when i cannot smile and laugh infront all of you...that means...
it is the time for me to fang qi...
fang qi wo de shen ming...
fang qi wo de everything...which is with me at this moment >.<

LOL write until like that... macam very scary like that...omg... i read one time also don't know why i wrote all this thing de meaning is what neh???SOT JOR~~~ SOT SOT JOR~~~ sure is because turn the cup turn until my thinking all messy jor hahaha

no time to write jor...after elvin and ping will scold because i haven finish BM neh... so must finish now first

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

0:15am I went down because brother want to transfer Left 4 Dead from gor gor's laptop to my laptop,It was damn freaking lag so i go down and become busy body.My grandfather and another not very close uncle went genting during 9pm. My grandmother,Mother, jiu jiu,jiu mu, and popo de jie jie and po po de mei mei de nv er ....aiya very luan la!!!

so i heard their conversation.Most of them is female.So as everybody know whenever MOST of them is female then the conversation would be criticism and so on...just ba gua and their view of OTHERS cousins and auntie and uncle. I just found out i am 8gua... Today afternoon,my grand mom and mother argue because of my others auntie. My second brother and me keep laughing because they shoot shoot shoot suddenly shoot me and my second brother then he say he need a pillow to block those bullet LMAO!!!actually quiet fun. but chinese new year still argue~~haiz but nevermind~~too quiet not good...just little bit of arguement i still can accept. but argue because of OTHER people which means other than our family does not worth~~~

Anyway,they suddenly talk about that day me,mom,n brother went back salak and grandmom's auntie argue with my mom because of Chxxxxx. I told ping before. My brother ask me jie jie, why they argue of a Chxxxxx and when i heard that i just do one thing*LAUGH!!!!!*and just now i told all of them my brother said that and ALL OF THEM LAUGH!!!!!although already midnight hahahaha sometimes those happy memories is all this.....bye vye gtg back to my house jorrrr must left second brother house jor~~~

Friday, February 12, 2010

Last Saturday

Fully planned!!!

After Moral and BM classes, I straight away walk to sook teng house. ping ping thought i go there and wait mommy LOL. Then when she know i joining that church event then she say i not going to be free thinkle anymore but christian soon. I keep say it is impossible because i can FORCE myself to do something like that. Because i forgot about girl's semi-formal means dress,so i just changed formal clothes and go plus the jeans that i had wear that morning. Suppose to start at 3 to 7pm but we 3pm only start our journey. When i saw piggie and sotong wear dress i felt regret. Reach there feel so KOSONG.because know not much people. Plus that apple tak datang leh...we suppose to be 2v2 so feel bu hao yi shi. Then be partner is Sam, Pohyee punya is Jxxxxx and Sook teng is...youngster hahaha then our partner keep go take food and drink and dessert for us. After awhile sook teng came and keep say HEY Y Y your partner very salty leh~~~ i was like = =" where got?? Then when i talking with him,they...curi curi take picture and i saw it HAHA~!! i quite clever what...luckily saw it earlier~~or not i am dead lol sure kena bully by you all de wakakaka

We leave at 7pm and go to one utama to join Sukie's farewell party~~Bianca keep persuade us to go Laundry and have a drink just to celebrate "The Farewell of Sukie" Went i just reach there got one place beside sikie and meow meow leh...of course i will choose there sukie is flying off leh~~but im sorry that i leave piggie and sook teng aside = =" i am sorry my dear >.< sorry~~~By that time i only get to know she is flying overseans,Sydney, for 3years. I was like WTF!!!are u serious sukie??you are joking right? i thought 1 year only...then i was like OH god... so long?then i made fun of sukie. I said That time leh...saw someone and someone at 1U and in college then got people say No larr larr...we not lar... keep deny lor~~~ so naughty har...then she say smile and silent then dun know why change topic dao~~before she leaves pei chien und bianca und bee tin go buy cake. beetin ask us die die also make sukie stay here first because got surprise for her~~then me and meow very gan jiong hahaha we so messy lol hahaha what an experience lol after that we go to a place got big meow meow de then piggie and sook teng and me watch dun know hat time de movie, i just know is midnight de. we watched tooth fairy. It was Hilarious!!!!I laugh until stomach edge man. until 1:30am the movie finished we walk in one utama it was so dark lol scary!!

Last Friday

Last Friday

Went to Time Square with bianca,ping,yen,mei,elvin and kelvin.
The main point to go there is because yen and bianca wanted to buy new clothes.In the bus and train, Yen yen keep ask me to wear shorts,dress,high heels...just those GIRL stuff~~ Then i said maybe after few years i will wear it but i really hate 3inches heels because it is so TIRED!!! and PAIN!!!(see the way piggie walk also know already)Then she say OK, I will wait. I was like what?are you sure? Then Yen yen bought a "SHIRT" and bianca bought a shorts. We bought nothing >.<

Then walk walk walk...walk to a restaurant name TOILET BOWL~~~ It reminds me of me and ping used to call someone TB... after TB changed to XX haiz...this is called apart of my memory >..< I feel that is a good place because these days i like those things which is SPECIAL and LIMITED edition. We sit on the toilet bowl and elvin eat the mee which is in toilet bowl. Then ping and mei eat the rice which is in the bath tab. Me, Yen,Kelvin,Pek Yun and Mei Ting eat the seafood and rice on to of toilet bowl cab lol. Ping ping suggested us to eat ice cream but in the end...we did not eat. I like the look of the ice cream and the name for the dishes is not bad. although got what shit shit,what brusher, what soup powder for our drinks hahaha it is a good experinced. I do recommend you guys to go eat too... but when eating please don't imagine SHIT and P lke what our dear kelvin does...hahaha Then Pek Yun and Azri join us to tb and Jackie came too but his main reason come here was... i thought he so good boy purposely come and accompany us de...

Thursday, February 11, 2010



A.海边    B.山顶    C.草地    D.屋顶  





Sorry arr...but i still lazy to update blog lar...really..haiz...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I start to enjoy Beverage Studies too~~

Lets talk about BEVERAGE STUDIES MAN...

For me to enjoy,start with interest plus tasting,experience and see me or other people drunk~~

I start to drink start from...when?? from the day my second and eldest brother wants me to drink and it was 3person's birthday. but the good news is I NEVER DRINK BECAUSE OF SAD OR DEPRESSED >.< it is a good news FOR ME!!! i don't enjoy drinking complement the food dishes >.< but then enjoy LITTLE BIT when celebrating something~~
I like beverage class is because i am quite interested with those liqueur's name and cocktail stuff. Do you think it is so special that just so simple stuff can now become colourful and special taste all in this is just so miracle FOR ME!!! they can even make it rainbow colour and even without letting the colour mixing together.

First class teach about why do people drink alcohol?then teach about beer,wine and spirit or liquor soon with liqueur. At first,Last last week we taste BEER suckx!!!! i totally not drunk because IT IS SUCKS and i did not drink much. have around 10++kinds of beer from overseas.just because i don't like PAHIT!!!got people drunk~~

The next class we tasted Vodka. I drinking it Neat. YUCKx!!!! my liver BURNS!!! HAHAHA but FUN!!!My face red lu... im sux too... but not drunk yet.

The next class we taated Whiskey/Whisky with Absinthe?? think so... i drank abit only la... 2cups??2cups??DONT KNOW LA...

Yesterday got 10bottles to taste. i don't like the one made from hazelnut. i like hazelnut smell but ones i taste it OH MY GOD so awful!!!!10 kinds all half cup got 2 cups i pour it jor hehehe because it was suckz >.< put i pour another 2kinds FULL tim!!!

I got abit worry week. guess why??lecturer said we still left 4types of liqour, it included my favourite Hennessy. but actually i am excited too. all is kuan gor gor's fault hahaha during his 21th birthday he ask me to try de lo... just it jor~~~ hehehe so next week will have 24 BOTTLES 4kinds of liqour don't you think that would be... ... ... ... ... to describe leh?


Was it This tuesday?? After drinking because we had 4hours break and ping want go home and i abit @#$%^&*yen yen also ask me to follow ping back le... then i go her house but did not sleep and i did something stupid >.< she keep ask me go sleep lol >.< i lying on da bed but then can't fall a sleep then i sms a few people and kacau them lu...when ping playing downstairs i go sms and kacau her lol hahaha i purposely one >.< when she on bed i go down and talk with kai ma lu~~~dia belanja aku makan "tikus flour" lau su fen and i see how she make the pineapple biscuit. seems like she really dun like to do lol i wanna help de but she ask me faster go up and sleep la.. hehehe atlast i still go up but almost 12noon neh... ping say need go and eat with moi und elvin.but i long time din go ping ping de house jor >.< her second sister not there, tak boleh say hi pun...={

Yesterday.....HOH HOH HOH great man~~~ there are 10bottles.I drank 8cups but all half cup. but then after class i go pour blue colour 3in 1 cocktail and white colour made from peace de >.< 2full cup campur and drink >.< hehehe go those place i won't simply drink de la... if tak tahu drink then must see situation only drink de ma hor?? or not after mama worry lol wakkakaa if got abit drunk then either go ping house or ask mom come and fetch loh... as easy as that.

I start to enjoy Financial Management!!! +++

is that a good news or a bad news??

after enjoying would it fly to Addicted stage?

hope it won't happen >.<

I love accounts. During that 3months of hard work in accounts, i fall in love with it. sometimes bacause it is abit tricky. Already one year did not flip throught accounts and now need to face it again. I don't think it ia a bad news. but sometimes just tired because need to revise again and again and translate it from malay to english I HATE THIS GOVERNMENT!!!stupid dao si!!!ask people to study accounts in bm but college need translate to english MALAYSIAN GOVERNMENT sucks!!! those leader go to hell la... coz me so much trouble...BASTARD!! ok finis fa1 sie4 liao!!!

Whenever Mr.romzee teach talks about accounts i just feel my whole body full of energy and when he say OK lets do some exercise. I just feel so exciting and hyper lol >.< did not know i still have interest in certain subject >.< maybe i should be accountant from the start...but when i studing account i think i would regret also. because in my whole life only got "REGRET" WHATEVER~~~

Last friday,

Last friday, after class i stay at library with my new laptop. Then sook teng called me. She say want to date me. I was like only me??REALLY DATE WITH ME only meh?? but of course she also ask all BFF out too. but then only moy lien on. too bad. Then sook teng wants go take her IC because SHE LOST IT!!! lol she said meet around 3pm, so i search the net and heard the clubbing de remix song. hehehe it is my second brother ones. It is time for me to return back lol becaus ei already save it into my laptop jor. then 4pm moy lien called me and we meet at college's main entrance then go take taxi at GSC. Sook teng want to watch tooth fairy. We was okey with it but then 7pm late lol kekek so we chosen Legion. For me IT WAS A GOOD movie. better than university haunted okey!!! paranormal is better than university haunted too. We have one hour before the movie starts so we bought tian bu la and ice cream and sit and chat. "We" planned something.but we did not MAKE sad? actually not counted as plan la just bullshit only hahaha I told my mom about it and she say 38!!!DUN PLAY THOSE THINGS LA...*hahaha* aiya your daughter,me talk only won't do one or not why my friend always say i bullshit? kekeke yesterday or a day before talk about it with moylien and we 2...hahaha sot jor...hahaha FINISH!!!

I still remember almost ALL the parts in paranormal. BECAUSE i still remember so now whenever i thought of chicken faith also stand up

My eyes...Specs

Actually want to update de...but... ... and now lazy to update jor~~

My eyes are still suffering. Is because I were too tired after drinking liqueur or just because my spectacles spoiled? Yesterday, my mother had fetch me to cousin's shop to choose a new spectacle. There are white,red and silver. At first i prefer the silver because when i wear the red colour ones, i seems to be so red *hahaha* it is true. i seems to be red. silver make me feel too plain and so i choosen the white one. Now i think it is a little bit OVER outstanding. my mother look at me and say OH MY GOD!!!you seems to be... just like what Auntie Mae Jee said. I was like = =" What you sure just like what auntie said? then she say la seems to be lecturer. Then i keep laughing in the car because i remember when im still secondary student, "someone" i forgot who is that thought i am kinder garden teacher = =" then during first semester in KDU i wear formal and tie up a bun then "someone" thought i am lecturer. omg when i heard that, i totally not angry with it but i laughing and laughing and laughing. am i look that...SERIOUS?? someone told me first is because of the spectacle then ...follow by... hahaha that was damn funny okey!!!