Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wednesday it means Yesterday~~~

Shang Nite~~~

it does not mean shang palace nite but i though it was...n the answer is 上日拉nite...

we suppose to dress up like pirate???no larr~~~they~~~not us~~~

have lucky draw= LCD,air-con, air-ticket with cash,many electrical stuff 27+3big!!!
top acted pirate $$
top entertainer $$
top performance $$

anyway。。。beer is provided...and it is buffet but the food...hmm...something differents~~but did not expect to go GRAND BALLROOM...comeon...staff can have a nite in GM???so SPECIAL~~~

Hiax...should i say im lucky or something???i remember there was a time after i left banquet and dont know why i went banquet for some reason and they...gave me some beer...nevermind and this time...they dont give but they 灌我...someone said... aiya you should keep go take for K ma...haix... i just reach there then kena one shoot drank 3 beer cups between a minutes then how i dare to go man...and it is almost time for me to walk to LRT alone...K said wanna acc me but i still make a call hehehe...

I dress^^ i dress up my favourite match ^^ i was planning to...


I feel so grateful that i knew a bunch of friends like this ^^ Im so glad so know you people at the time of my new born life dear~~~

Lunch Hour
TodaY is our dearest YY mc day~~~so im so lonely during lunch hour.So i kacau Beck and LinLin by phone and they call n find 4 me an we chat at locker ^^ miss each other dude~~~So after Back went back 2work Lin Lin wanted me to acc her with kirsten~~~So we chat and...OPSSS times up!!!time to go toilet = =" n they 2 laugh XD and so..i scared them at locker~~~wakakaka....

Dinner Time~~~here it comes~~~
After work in Florist,went H.K dept to confirm something,meet E.Alias,went Cafeteria ALONE~~I slowly take food because has too much time to waste went YY is not here dude~~and went i preparing my favorite Croissant, i saw our dearest Ah B~~de funny part was he walk so funny and he*YAWN*~~~so cute~~~then he asked yesterday dinner wat time i go back~~then he ask me to sit down n we talked about OUR PLAN~~"17"a very important moment~~XD

( the new trainee sitting beside me n he just watch newspaper = =" just like Gary 一来到的样子...because quiet n do not communicate with ppl but the most shocked part is...he looks like Jackie!!!Apfel de Jackie!!side way see 80%same loh plus spec also tebal de = =" n KA say...maybe he is your that friend... IMPOSSIBLE OK!!! ok so back to topic first)

after awhile i saw my dear KA~~~the person that always bully bad!!!and AP always protect me went KA bully me XD anyway I'M ENJOYING~~~then,Kh came ^^ then Nelson~~he also *yawn like our dear BB lo~~~they are a bunch of really cute people!!!then Anne,Ping,Yvonne~~oh boy~~~long time did not meet with all same department people...and we talk n we laugh...

BUT i just realize im the main character XD why??? I keep asking them Q and I ALSO 自己讲自己答XD 自己讲大家笑XD总之就很搞笑啦。。。我当然知道他们都很想念我啦。。。BTW i get something i wanted SO DAM F LONG!!!guess whats that??? IM NOT GOING to tell YOU PEOPLE XD SECRET~~~wahahaha....think of it also 自high dy...hoh hoh hoh~~~

XD today KA and Kh was so funny~~~happy bout some really good news for me~~~
I said would be going Shang to have lunch and ask K to be at room ^^
K said 噢可啊见家长~~
I ... and look at KA like =.="
omfg!!!Manager was all there n laughing all the way LMao~~~