Tuesday, March 30, 2010



懒得update blog
i totally dun remember i have a blog neh...
^.^ not busy curi duit then busy watch tv until CRY like baby~~
haiz...these few days let so many people saw i watching 海派甜心 (Hi,My Sweetheart) cry until very gao lat!!!but maybe im just too...sensitive太感性了。不是性感哦!!!busy watching n chasing movie n drama so do not have much time to think about.i found out that these 3 songs is so nice >.<

I start chasing this movie last week.
Last thursday i cannot wait so i load it from youtube but the line was slow and i watch from 11pm until 7am then daddy keep disturb me...zzz hehehe then friday night i watch with kuan gor gor and loong loong until 1am. I keep don't let myself finish it so fast. because i did not chase a drama until so crazy already and no more movies that can make me cry for 10episode continuously but this movie can >.<>.< aiya because that girl and the guy suffer so much from their relationship ma...so touching so sad...ma cry lo...fan zhen cry also not need to pay monye or will not lost one piece of meat one... HOH HOH HOH

BM exam was GREAT...although i dun expect to get full marks but i sure can get half of it. LOVE IT the lecturer is SO KIND. what can we say???ping and elvin also agree she is really kind. i really hope others lecturer is as kind as her >.< she is a kind of lecturer that is cincai cincai la...

others exam was terrible because i did not study~~ i wonder if i really take degree...it is a waste of money or.... i might get something from there...haiz...it is not hard to decide for me now. because i still have 9months >.< during training can show will i continue degree or end my studies. If the parents could educate their chil to future their study so what??if their child is lazy, they cant do anything because it is just a waste of money plus my parents dont have EXTRA money for me to waste. they just have enough money for me to live until my brother finish educated. i really hope he can study well can be a really great business boy boy so dad n mom no need to have any hope on me. hanging something heavy on my shoulder is hurting...it is just so heavy you know??

although i can see my brother is suffering. although he is just form 1 but...just... so and so...T.T