Monday, August 11, 2008

excited day

oh my god today is so scary man.yesterday my mom almost kill me coz i just did 1 question for one whole day.anyway,when the school time almost finished i mean the last 2 period all my friend RUSH to the library coz they wants to know about the National Servise's result and u guess what? lee ping and sook teng kena man WAKAKAK so dam freaking funny lol. lee ping's reaction is SO SO dam freaking big first i think that if ping kena i will also kena coz she more active then me BUT too bad la. if i not mistaken my class moniter,pei, told us that only few people kena WAKKA!!! and what my mom said was correct. those who don't want to go they must go,but thoise who want they can't go.maybe the god is trying to play us or to make us become stronger. but we can never know what will happen coz i don't think we can change our luck.Maybe the god are giving us chance to change our lifestyle but i do think he/it/she had helped us plan what we will do or what we should do.
Just like 2people who don't like each other "the god" wants them to meet together. we can't do anything that god has decided so we must believe that the is "god"in this world and it just trying to help us,train us to be better,stronger...
if we must go to NS just think of the positive and it is I CAN PLAY M16 man YAHOO if i go this will be the reason that make me happy. keke. the sadone should be i can't go out or see them for 3months IF i really kena to go and serve the goverment lol.. JESUS... BLESS us

Sunday, August 10, 2008


today is a normal and boring day because i only watch television and doing my tuition's homework account and there are LOTS of question because i don't like to do it normally.when time goes it became more and more and i going to die if i finish it.i used almost half day to finish it coz i keep daydreaming.i always daydreaming -during school,toilet,house,shopping center.....
and this is who i am...when i having exam i also can daydreaming until the exam almost finish ha!
that is also one of the reason why i always fail but i am a super lazy person.
Oh Boy,when ever i think about account i am very emotional coz i cannot do it without my textbook. this means that i will surely fail my account but too bad my mom wants me to take it.she told me that i can take whatever subject that i want and now she don't let me drop account haha somtimes i feel like i wanna kill her or kick her lol this sucks.
when i was in primary school i don't worried about a question it is when i will die? i don't think death is a big deal if i will die the next day i will belanja all people that i know to eat happily.
but i do hope that i will die earlier,i mean when i feel hopeless.that is why my friend say i am a very happy person they say i don't have problem (i will only think about 1 thing)it must be go to hell. that is why i am a bit crazy haha this is so stupid..die(si)no big deal. YEAH man!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

My First Time ..........................

~~Haiz~~ first time write in a blog feel like writing is 9:25pm liao=_=

i woke up MY TEETH VERY PAIN...i almost drop when i pass the stairs lol SO LUCKY!!
i rush till my tuition half of my friend arrived.LeePing also sitting on the beautiful spot that i want.~~DAMMIT~~In the tuition center i get full marks on the first english test paper.when the next exam paper come i got 2WRONG but lee ping get full marks also.(and other people all was like WTF? you two ?? get all correct OMG)*laugh loudly*
after this tuition my mom belanja ping, piggie and me to eat breakfast.BECAUSE of my teeth i cannot eat mee i ate some soft food and share wif piggie. around 1pm i feel so happy coz my friend all waiting in my house. i go into my room and i scream loudly and my friend all get a shock.HAHA they so stupid.*smile* and i taught them SEJARAH i so clever DER i became their teacher HAHA!!but it was a bit messy coz i was not a good teacher. ALL of them say I WANA SLEEP LIAO. Tiu i know i suck but also no ned to complain about me one what right keke BUT is is extreamly happy lol. today we all sit on king's bicycle and go all the way to centerpoint we playing on the road side lol. and we also talk some bad habbits around us.
My Mother
went into our room and disturb us all the way till my friend wanna go back.
We did talk something very serious between 3hours it is about our relation,aircraft,human being,jokes and some BULL SH1T(by me) HAHA.
i feel like what i wrote was so damn FREAKINg BORING LOL~~