Saturday, January 30, 2010


Now i walk also can cannot control go right or left leh...wan tor tor jor...I feel so dizzy~~heartbeat is speeding...i like this feeling...i love to be no an quan gan...don't u think it is a good challenge when you stand at 3rd tallest building in the world (IN CHINA )and you can see the floor is transparents...when i look down, my hand is sweating and my feet is sweating one uncle very scared,He scared until he RUN around the floor to warm up himself and JUMP JUMP JUMP oh my god i laugh like hell lol when he jump all walk away from him because they worry the floor would break but i walk beside him lol I do believe the floor wonuld not break,If it really break THERE IS NO FEAR FOR DEATH!!! he scare but he still want to jump and run hahaha his wife laughing there but her leg got no strength to walk hahaha i love this kind of feeling man. Even when im on the roller coaster, my hand and feet also warm was going to sweat. i JUST LOVE this kind of feeling. without "SAFETY's feeling is EXCELLENT hahahaha i no need people to protect, i just need friends and family's care and sharing hoh hoh hoh that is the "simpliest" thing i need for my entire life. God knows right??

first time got this experience...hehehe my next point will be..."DRUNK"...
When can i experience this feeling?
Xiao Ru always say this to me "Ren shen shi zai yu chang shi" (You need to EXPERIENCE in LIFE) i don't think my translation is good but atleast the meaning is quite NEAR >.<

when people don't dare to try or experience something, i going to SHOOT them with this sentence WAKKAKA...i better go sleep, worry i will vomit HEHEHE...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Was in a good mood before knowing i am going to be apart of decorate group. If i am not mistaken,i MIGHT be the leader. Seriously, i don't like decorating. It kills me. I hate to THINK about design. i hate to be "the one" who design it. During secondary school, my friend told me she wants to be a designer. I was like wao~~if im more creative and alert maybe i will join you aswell. If i join design cource, one things in my mind would be STRESS. because need to stress my ownself to think of some new design. Don't be silly, it is impossible man. I don't mind follow instruction because i only want my life easy. Thats all!!! THIS IS THE SECOND TIME IN MY LIFE ALREADY!!! Please don't tell me i am incharge of designing these shits!!! I will die of thinking it.Geez!!! WHAT WORLD IS THIS?? whatever you don't prefer, It will come to you but whatever you prefer it has wings to fly away

All right!!!
just forget about this whole damn thing first. Tears Drop on my Laptop. lol forgot to bring my PSP or not can hear song to release ... I was so upset until ... I saw that movie clip. A movie clip which is about my college friends. I was laughing like no body business in the library. Hahaha... you just could not imagine how funny it is.How could a person change tears to smile?? Is that so hard? Seems like I really need my friends and buddy. Seems like i can't live without them >.<>

ALL RIGHT!!!DONE!!! lets talk about Yesterday.
It is a big great news for me. I got my new LAPTOP. My second brother came over and bring me with my dad to PLAZE LOW YAT!!my younger brother did not follow because his excuse was I haven finish MY ART. That is bullshit OK!! DJians knew that art wasnot important for form 1,2,4 okey!! So the main reason he don't want join us is because of COMPUTER. My second Brother help me do research and suggest me to buy Acer's 4736G suitable for you to da gei. Then,there lots of the Acer's salesman say It is out of stock. They stop producing this model. All shops is clearing it. All promoting 4740G to us,as it is the latest model. there is a new processor but 1year warranty and only 2GB memory but you can upgrade it so it would cost from 2499 to 2800++. but my dad seems to prefer 4736G but we prefer 4740G after upgraded it. Whatever~~that person having the money~~what can I do? Atleast i still get a new laptop rather than without it. A guy can pay $20K for a laptop for himself in china but don't want to buy a new laptop for her daughter and prefer her daughter to use his OLD OLD OLD model laptop. Is he out of his mind??or what?? now the laptop have $400 differences also sakit hati. What a GOOD DADDY right?? WHATEVER WHATEVER~~~

around afternoon i reach home,took a bath and have my meal as BREAKFAST because i din eat anything yet. Around evening to go second brother house but no people was there so i watch movie and wait. He helped me burn DVD and did something to my laptop but by the time... already 11pm++so go back and pack until 1am only go to bed while watching movie.

I don't mind to help people but i do mind if you want me to zha fit...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

After finish Holiday...

During first week,almost everyday also hang-out with yen,ping,moi and elvin. Either go one utama watch movie or go lee ping's house to play. The following week,i think is the same thing. We watched paranormal. Actually it was quite scary. Somebody cheated yen and moi. Somebody told them, it wasn't horror movie. Meow meow said this movie not bad but after we meet our classmates, these two girls wanted to change movie. After paranormal, we watched The Spy Next Door by Jackie Chan lu... The following three nights i also though of paranormal before i fell asleep. How bad? but luckily i am not scare of it whenever i though of it again and again.

Anyway, Yesterday was a "IMPORTANT" day. Guess why? because it is the day "someone" would tell us "the story". A story which 5more girls would know what happen about "something". All of us was curious about it and I think all of us is exciting but maybe the "Author" would be abit nervous and feel shy shy. After Marketing and E-Commerce few of us went for lunch. After that, we went to stria to buy FOOD. Moy lien and me drink Shandy while someone and someone went to post office to send out love letter i think. Hahaha... Then we went back to college and sit in One-Stop Centre and talk with one of our friend, she is a counsellor of "us". We wait for sook teng to dress up. Then 5 of us sit bus to one utama. Pig and Mei Gui was eating at G floor. So we sit there and "bullshit". All talking rubbish but of course i would be the one who bullshitting from the start til the end = =" Geez... When we reach there almost 1pm I though our plan would change. I though we would not go chiong k dy. It is weird but funny because ... It costs rm 150 and devided by 7 people so it is rm21 but it is worthy. Because we start before 2pm until 7 plus. BUT something we did not reach which is in "our plan". So I said We will do it during NEXT GATHERING. If do it now, then we will be rushing so better sit down at McDonald and refill lol hahahah and "HEAR" and laugh...hoh hoh hoh My mother could not make it to fetch my friend back. too bad...Although she is on her way back from Sunway i guess but she said SO JAM. She can't even fetch my brother on time. So apart of us sit bus and apart of us sit private "JET" :p

Tuesday, January 19, 2010






Monday, January 18, 2010


There are "billions" of songs on this are not able to hear ALL of them.What a waste right?Maybe there are lots of them is suitable for you but you don't even have a chance to hear n know about it...

"run out of time" will continue when feel to do so...mama on de way lol >.<

Monday, January 11, 2010

再則一個小時内。。。發身了一些事,不過not counted as大事拉

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Previous saturday >.< i went back hometown again~~~ because of one big big thing happen!!! MY DEAR GRAND POPO DE BIRTHDAY~~~ ehhehe semua orang pun happy >.< I keep ask mom can she follow us go back celebrate??i asked more than 3 times first she was going to book 4 TABLE >.< so i also can ask her to come lo as i already ask her to come few months ago >.< but she said popo tak mau BIG BIG DE.. she nak satu meja enough...CEH!!!apa la ni~~~i still remember that time got people ask me tell my gor gor to Jxx Sxx de lol ahahahha so i though that day got people sure dead de ma... make me so HIGH~~~ like on top of the mountain manakala....haiz.. then i was planning to drink alot AGAIN!!! but...only face red CEH~~~ because... brandy was SUX... i was going to campur rot wine und brandy de... but brandy really really SUX man... nevermind once my cough DONE!!! my dad's liquor and beer WAKAKAKAK also DONE!!! hehehe i cant wait to train it man...becoz i cant wait for the day that i can gao tiam ping ping und ck WKAKAKAKA but...the way... is SO FAR t.t ck is clubhead man hahahahah xD if i can gao diam him then i also become clubhead jor hahaha

hmm...29December went swim swim~~ with a bunch of Good Buddies O.O my younger bra bra din go but the main thing is GOT PEOPLE FFK lo~~~ he wanna die o.o next time me and ping tiok him shhh...after he read mmy blog again then is his time to tiok me not i tiok himjor ....sook teng went for rebonding lol kekeke...actually... after bd he use my phone to sms lol = =" and they ....send some ...unbelieveble message lol kekeke then ping ping din reply n so he call n...hahaha talk about my boy friend la then talk about what?? PIGU ahahaha then...what dy ar? OH!!!! 20SENS...4PERSON HAHAHAH but...becoz someone 4got so T.T
Don't have much time now...

22 i think...i went back hometown n stay becoz of dong zi...i din know about it lol...>.< i 5am only sleep because i went to my cousin sister's house n talk with them. I told them dam lots of stuff lol but they only told me a few HOW SAD?? hehee

around 24thDecember im back~~ with my dear cousin sister.that was the time she start to tell me lots of story lol. about her friends~~family~~and "SECRETs"(I dun remember much lol hehehe becoz we 2 keep bullshit >.<). I keep sleep at 5 am lol becoz she said during holidays she will sleep at 5 so i accompany her lol manakala until now ... i from 12sharp close my eye and 4am or 5am only fall a sleep... WHAT THE FCUK WAS THAT...please tell me man... on the bed for 4hours but cant sleep... omfg!!!

friday~~~~bring her to one utama becoz she stay at johor now. I go meet meow meow and her sister at nichii und harder und deeper lol then second was just nice because i was in the car and i sms ping see whether she wanna join me dinner then she ask me want go ou or not. then i say if want then NOW becoz onthe way jor lol hehehe then meet meow meow again but my dad fetch ping,teng und pig together...saw they bought 2 shoes lol. hahaha ping ping bought pink colour shoe. It was not bad actually because that pink not the pink that i hate plus it is lite "pinky". I went meet them at mcd n talk lol kekeke long time din talk lol so it was fun >.< i bring cousin sister go play pool und basketball. IMMA WON!!!she get 38 i get 98 lol WAKAKAKA dia tu adalah badminton und basketball for school team de leh... i 1 and half year din play bb jor lol OKEY END!!!