Wednesday, January 26, 2011

紅茶 綠茶 菊花茶 想你想到矇查查
荔枝 蘋果 白雪梨 永遠和你不分離
木瓜 西瓜 哈蜜瓜 愛你愛到傻瓜瓜
想你 想你 好想你 放隻信(甲)迷死你
愛你 愛你 很愛你 見面說聲我愛你

Friday, January 7, 2011

seems like work is better than degree....
work is 9-5 and now...
study is 8-5 WTH man!!! this is totally CRAZY OK!!!
and it is monday to friday 8-5 man... omfg... everyday break only 1hour... mayb got 2 days is 2hours break but... i thought that is 3hours break you know... so i atleast can go one u and watch movie... zzz and now... non of my old college friend is taking degree... this make me feel so sick!!! haix... regret lol if i join meow n andrew then now i have friends to accompany me... but now... evrything is too late... there...just like what meow told me... all is GANGed already... all from other college with their own friends... n me...hah ALONE... yeah... good luck if i meet some asshole as my partner and just resit or retake or whatever... just go there n die.. I DONT GIVE A DAM ANYMORE lar~~~

Saturday, January 1, 2011

though they said finish training is so happy...but im not... because there is one word all around me...REPORT!!!dont you all feel headache with this???how could you all still feel so free if there is a 2000words report waiting for you???how could you all be so brave and feel free???

I cant/// totally cant... i think yesterday nite i could not feel free to get past cny eve... but i know all is my own fault...i keep on thinking go n c ms wong and ask her something personnally but action was not taken... ^^ so who to blame?? MY SELF... so could not feel for such joy ^^ maybe during degree orientation and start classes until 19 i will still feel stress n worry ^^

mayb you all think im too much... worrying bout report... but ... wasn't all these training is just for writing in a report about WHAT U had learnt n experienced...what problem had you solve??how you solve...what this hotel owe?? all the information.... what i headache with is.... where could i get a senior report n see how they bring it up... why i still cant leand myself by my own self?? dissappointed =] hospitality....was sen my choise....

P.S my travel all around the world with somebody that could bring me joy and we could enjoy all environment around us and appreciate what we see ~~~the nature~~~the sound of the ocean~~~the look of the sun rise~~~what i hope is for this enjoyable moment ^.^ what i have to do to make this happen???
thinking of what would happen in future...what job?what life?...^^ seriously i see grey colour gud luck with you people ^^