Thursday, January 26, 2012

做人要够豪气!!!。。。 电视教的。。。

ouch....都是 All Well End's Well 2010 教的 XD 不过我一定自持1然后到2。。。没有钱也可以有小小的豪气大大的骨气。。。有钱就可以大大的豪气跟大大的骨气~~~

Monday, January 16, 2012

;P i cut my hair... did not inform any friends until they sees that hahaha and they realize that after a few minutes or second...thats funny tho... becoz when they realize...i forgot i cut my hair XD... some of them say it look really nice some say not bad n some said really ugly ;P but it is cut so it does not matter anymore... i have not cut my hair for 4years from form 5 until last semester of degree. so im going to cut another hairstyle every 4months then another 4months then another 4months ;P the last hair style will be a male one so i will consider which one looks better if long hair really looks better then okey i will sacrifice myself to keep that annoying long hair ;P long hair is really irritating... maybe like ppl always says you will look more female ;P but after X years i will cut back short hair ahhaa,,,

u see when a girl is more girly, after they cut their hair... owww they cry,,, n thats stupid if u love your long hair so just fucking dont cut it....
I love cutting it short.. easy to maintain... i hate using hair dryer or leave it wet or scrabbing it for hours n make my neck pain just so ANNOYINg!!!! wish im a guy so short hair ahhaha XD

Some how i am not like girl love to shop, love to dress, im not like my mother love to travel... maybe is becoz she bring me to half of the world when i was only 17years old... n thats irritation everywhere i go just bring me walk for shopping ewww,,, my leg hurts OKEY!! this maybe affected where i was brought up during baby n kindergarden then secondary n primary in auntie house without anybody bring me go shopping SO i will not blame myself for being so not girly i will only blame u all ;P what an adult become is from their childhood....i live in a village n be like a boy playing around with boy... if im bring up in auntie house when i was small i still will be like this u did not give me a more europe style or a family with a mother that always bring children go out shopping n sees things... my 7years primary n secondary was only go school n watch tv n do home work n do houise work.. ;P thats what u decided n made me became like this so stop complaining what am i now n blame yourself ;P

but i really like to gossip but when im tired i just need some rest...