Tuesday, March 31, 2009

today wa liao shock man. today in class we all crazy liao.
me cheau wei n lee ping like siao de. lol
before lecturer i mean AA come in we 3 play until lol. those people from the back sure think im crazy one lol hehe....
but it is very fun lol.we 3 is like hyper lol.
after 1hours we 3 feel sleepy maybe coz we play until sot sot dei then tired lol hehe
at last i still get to control myself lol
yesterday is "MY COLLEGE" my new college >.< orientation day hu~~~~~
"KDU" hehe me n a group of old class mate meet together n go into the hall.
the hall is big and got air-corn SO GOOD better then secondary school lerr maybe all the college also like that but don't know larr....
i keep go to the counselor there and find for phooi kuan. my dear ex-senior lol.
i keep go n kacau her with my friends lol really sorry for keep disturbing her lol..
she really helps me alot lol >.<
in the hall those senior lecture and xxxx
tell us about xx CLUB thingi thingi lol
and i feel like joining the what what campus. coz they say ?campus will organise those activity.
n hotel need to communicate with people so if i join campus it will really help me alot in the future.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

my computer repaired but.... i don't have that kind of feeling which is "adicted" to the computer..
no morethat feeling...haiz now every saturday n sunday i only can say one word which is "BORING" although the computer repaird but the speaker does not works and the chinese microsoft does not works.... i need chinese word to download songs n watch movie in you tube.... and now... only can play tribalwars.... i long time don't have the feeling of "boring" about the computer lol... haha my brother gonna dead as his favourite game "garena" those map all deleted sad....
2days ago...
my second cousin brother >.< came to my house n he told my mom....
he is studying degree.... but don't know why he ask help college give him 3months holiday.
and so he is having 3months holiday so he gonna join another group lol.
he left 1 n 1/2 years then finish his degree in business n marketing
he was playing to go queensland to study i wanna go queesland >.< as i love gold coast
but now i wish i can go swissland lol..... as swissland is ... peace place lol "nature"
and my cousin cancel his plan as non of his friend is going overseas sad....
my aunt,uncle,......... all scold him lol..... haiz.....
maybe he really want to rest or something....
n my mother ask him to help me repair the computer as my comp corrupted SERIOSLY lol
n he stay over night in my house n help me reformat.
i so stupid lol so big already stilll dun kow how to reformat....

Saturday, March 14, 2009


after taking result all like bee.... don't know fly where already lol....
atlast we group back together n was thinking how could we go 1utama??
then i remember my mother say:if no transport call me>.<
lol... mother.... imma love u haha....
don't know why i just got a feeling that i want all the classmate group together n go neway lol >.<
maybe is becuase i got a feeling that "this will be the last time we group together >.< although not all of them go neway but... i also play until very happy lol....
actually we ca sing until 7pm but v need to rush to genting so i gtg around 4pm. but i ask my parents n so they let me stay till 4:30 >.<
n after reaching genting im like a "DEAD FISH" sleep on the bed my leg is DAM tired lol.
but dad say : wanna eat buffet??
my mom say : okey!
i said:PLEASE DON'T...
brother says:after buffet"MUST go cyber okey?? or not i don't wanna go eat buffet lol but dad don't care about him lol...
n i go n eat buffet with a spirit like no energy lol >.< then go back i sleep on the bed n keep sneezing n watch movie until 3am lol... sneezzzzzzzzz like hellllllllll....
the next day like a sick frog lol... the voice.... actually i also got eat twistis thats y sick lol.

12MARCH "a big day for 18years old teenagers" lol

when just start around 8am i woke up n go yam cha with most of my classmate till 10am then we rush to school and STAND infront of the door.
then....from 10am stand till 11am..... most of us are like WTF? they say 10am now 11 am??
then... from 11am stand till 11:45am.... one ofthe parents ask her daughter n friend sream"open the gate" but non did that haha

lee ping suggest go yam cha again loh
thenwe leave n go xx restorant then 12:15 cheau wei call me "hey, pn.ng ask u all faster arrrr....."
lol we was like (YES!!!! AT LAST WE CAN GET OUR RESULT)
"BILL PLEASE" n we go into the dewan when just start we stand together
"BUT" after getting the result..... all....... don't know go where already hahaha
because after getting result all will do the same thing
take out the phone n call n talk talk talk talk...................
n i did the same thing >.< style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);">she says : i was so worrying... until the whole morning can't do housework properly lol hahaha then i call dad then i want to call my grandparents but....server buzy lol server buzy becoz my mother was talking with my grandma.... and all my mother's friend also call n ask 4 my result lol..... = ="
i still remember my very first sentence when i just saw the result it is: THIS IS FAKE ONE.... SO FAKE... THIS MUST BE SOMETHING WRONG.....THERE MUST BE SOMETHING WRONG... lol in trial exam i get 1C1D1E5G and now my spm result is 2B5C1D
one word can explain all it is "REDICULOUS" lol
i only expect to get pass bm n get 3credits only and it came out 7credits... JESUS....

computer corrupted

omfg my computer corrupted 1week ago. when just start im like life less lol after x days i feel happy with it man. i played computer for more then 3 months (EVERYDAY) but becoz computer corrupted n so my eyes can rest for 1week ++ >.< i feel pretty happy just that. some of my game..... i need my friend to help me play lol haha

Friday, March 6, 2009

4march2009 >.<
i did not sleep well yesterday coz past 2days i keep sleep at 6am and wake up at 4pm lol that's why i can't fall asleep during 1am how SAD?
5march 2009 yesterday
i am awake around 8am with my eyes open when my mom try to put the clock beside me lol
cheau wei and poh yee came to my house and we talk....then walk to McDonalds lol
we sit inside the McD and king sam came then v wait till 11am lol.....
after eating we went back. n my mother came back home
my mother help us "A LOT" lol she is like very busy when our cookies almost done.
when just start we are like very noob lol.... all like put which one??? this?? that?? lol
pity king sam we 3girls playing with those flour himself one person cutting chocolate lol hahaha
i had made LOTS of cookies with different shapes.
poh yee's cookies haha some out of shapes
cheau wei's cookie haha ..... don't know how to say.... very funny shape lol...
king sam's cookies all is use hand crush one lol..
it was DAM tiring after all this. but i guess my mother would be the most tiring one at the end lol
then we went upstairs and take picture,play computer upload those picture......
my mother would be standing infront of the oven and bake our cookies lol....
then we plan to go pasar malam.... my leg ... so pain... tiring....