Friday, August 20, 2010

~>training for 2 weeks but i extended 1week
know few friends
Amirzah & Kenny = the couple XD
satimah maslinah ,jarimah = sabah relatives
Rosa the BIG eye gurl~~~
ZET,EMMA = cashier that helped me
IVY my favourite manager~~~

Room Service
~>adam=who talk something "" e.g tui lei ha yam!!! XD u are hilarious when u talk rude"ly"
Azman = Asst. manager and handle trainee
KeSeven (K7)= FUNNY black nice person
Faiz = abit feminin but really funny always call me AH SOU and he is AH MOI
Ikmal=new trainee from University-Diploma but look handsome n gentlemen

Lemon Garden is a place like what Yen2 said...bagus...people are
~>Kuan Yew,Freddie,Bibie,Bak????,Azura,Sam,....lots also forgot dy...

Shang Palace is really good...people their...^^ sure got some colleague make you feel ANNOYING or DISTURBING but here is the best of all the outlet in xxxxx
~>Ah B=manager funny n hilarious
Yvonne= Asst. Manager
Alex,Wai,Moi = .....=.=" comment
Wen Si,Ah Po,Kee Ai,Becky= they are the best!!! ^.^ they are funny
YoYo,Max,Gary,EeLing and Jaclyn = Trainee from HongKong,Inti Genting,Taylor

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tomorrow morning Mr Ross and Mrs Ross is going to leave and go some place which start with O. if not mistaken it is at Norway. She makes me think of Mrs Wo which is my english lecturer from primary until secondary and she migrate to London because her children staying there. There was one day at auntie's house, morniing, i was sleepy and blur and stubborn. I made Mrs Woo really angry and she scolded me...and now i feel really guilty. A 60 or 70years old women wake up in the morning and drive to a place where u stay and teach u english...i still remember...when she was teaching me, she fall a sleep when she marking my book. She fall a sleep when she's writing. She... I really miss her ^.^

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

working there...ok lar...not to say memorable ^^ sometimes boring...sometiumes DISSAPOINTED because something i want but could truth...why???becoz I DO NOT HAVE RIGHT TO CHOOSE!!!why???because...i CHOOSE WRONG H!!!!

miss secondary and college

really miss it...but i promise i will go you class and see how you people ^^ hope your lecturer would not chase me out of the class but it must be at LTB and LTA wo... because i worry after the lecturere choose me but i dont know what to choose la... but what u all told me bout your class...make me feel INTERESTING!!!
在那工作。。。有愉快也有不愉快。。。不管再那里工作都会是一样吧。。。just that different kind of problem will be faced...actually nothing difference just the people that you will meet...

If i choose JW n Ritz Carlton...what will happen??
more option???more solution???not so complicated??
because some people is known...

now....regret???bout choices???TOO LATE!!!
thats the fact ^^