Thursday, July 30, 2009


this date is ah han gor2's birthday. around 12am someone remind me >.< hehehe... Thankx alot yar...i wish wei han gor gor when it is 00:07 >.< hehe...and he also call me sister lol i took the locker key leh...meow n ping also taken a key...heheh...then i go for servise lor... i learn lots of skill to fold the napkin. and the ways to take god it is damn hard to balance it man...but i do trust myself...i can make it man..."She is the Man" YEAH!!!then after class we go ss2 de mong kok and... hehehe... celebrate his birthday lor...haiz...we ask his to take out the candle with his mouth but at last ...he... zzz hate you lor.. han gor2... so bad de you... hate you.. HEG@@ hehe....then han gor2 fecth me n ping go ou lor... the we bought ticket for theland of lost lor...then we meet qing,meow,lien,jermin gf,lam at shabu2 and all also go watch that movie lor...i lazy to write liao lar.. TO BE CONTINUE... hehe sleepy lar.... 2am liao la

Quiz scarier ahhaha actually is funny

lol ping also took the quiz lol and as long as she choose female or both then i would be the champion also HAHAHAHA when i first saw the result i also laugh until stomach pain lol my is just that funny man...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


omg...Just now because i am boring so i took some test lor...
It is about CrushBot,FriendBot,MarriageBot and BridesmaidBot and all... = =" lee ping get the champion for ALL 4 QUIZ LOL!!!my god... I really don't understand how they predict it lol I choose all this quiz was able to predict which women and men suits the title.
but the funny part was...lee ping was

"Crushbot's Best Prediction" for me______itu ma...HEHEHE...(Devil Laugh)only we 2 know WKAKAKAKA out secret lol = ="

"Best Friend" of mine______She already is lol >.<

"Future Marriage Bliss"______she will be my husband or wife?HAHA..damn freaking funny

"Maid of Honor" of mine______>.< lol itu ma...wait first lar...I will be hers first.

how laugh until my stomach also pain god...but It proves me and ping would be together forever >.< as friends or....wakakakakak lol gila de ahhahaha
ping ping~~ we 2 zen you yuen haiz... people want to seperate us also very hard liao lol wakakaka...gosh...hahaha...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

lol that time sms with my darling lol >.<" ,then suddenly qing msn me.I though he is going to talk about HER gua..After 15 second i press it,those words move so fast make me cant read they all wish me happy birthday lol how sweet? >.< I really appreciate it >.< then my darling ask me to make a wish lorrr... luckily i make a wish at that time. or not i would miss that moment hehe>.<

then i sleep until half... i heard my phone...shaking lol i was like who is that lol in the middle of the night. it was yen yen haha. at 6:20 lol so funny so wake up so when i reach school meow n yan sing the song in the class lol. i so scare lol faster run away ahha.then lots of them wish me hehe. then don't know be4 what class i saw yen yen lol. she sings so many language de song lol i shy shy de ma.. so i...hehehe wo hen scare lol ping so understand me hahahahaha xD. when i sms meow until half...i saw her coming i still decided to send the msg lol. although very stupid but becoz i type so long liao dun waste my sweat and blood i ma send lol ahahah

after class we go... one utama again lol. haiz.. everytime also one utama i think next time we should go tropicana city or the curve liao...everyday go one utama also sien liao lol.but we went neway lol. haha when just start i look so high lol haha. becoz gonna see SOMEONE'S bf ma...O.o moi moi's bf looks good o.o plus have good conversation with us i almost get rape lol. so scare lol kiss so many jie mei...after i got some dealine sickness how??hahaahaha joking de lol all don't angry after reading this part lol. but i think u all wont angry de lol >.< becoz all not small gas de ma... right??hehe i still remember we sang n dance when PokerFace and BleedingLove lol.too bad that their bf din dance with us hahaha. I still remember bleeding love there...hahaha ping,pig,their bf all cant tahan lol haha sorry lol i really din know i sang so loud ma...the backgroud music so loud hehe got abit like clubbing lol...takutnya...hahahaha then we go drink the....haiz... so big lol]

I REALLY SLEEPY NOW LA...although 10:32 only...hehe i very good girl de... always sleep early n wake up early...and play early and do early... WKKAKAKAKAKAKKAKA you all don't think that spot ar... naughty betul....wkakakakakaka lol = ="

Monday, July 20, 2009


Today does not seems like a good day. At first, i thought i was late but lucky i didn't.So i sit there and talk with people while waiting for Mr.Hor Bianca looks so funny as her scarf hahaha....xD betul.Anyway, after an hour,bianca came into the class and say class cancel. I was like WTF??? my god cibai betul. no class also din inform us WHAT AN ASSHOLE ARE YOU??plus my mom pay for the fees.. you din come??then wat was the schedule for?? ASSHOLE!!!
hiuh~~then we go outlor...manakala... DEIDRE~~~~ told us... that.... WU~~WU~~~ piu wit.... then me n ping n meow very gan jiong hahaha.then we....xx her hahaha.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

lol too bad...yesterday got people...din follow me for dinner...wakakkaa.... kuan and hao gor2 two argue for a JEANS hahaha...too bad she miss that shoot sad leh??i know u sure sad de...haha no worries lar... when Dia birthday that time then you only go for dinner loh.November ma...not very far jer...wakakaka...
lol today wake up early in the morning then go her house so scare lol let auntie scold hahaha make me dun dare to go out lol but i still go watch harry potter lol. HARRY POTTER SUX man...normally i like it because it is excited but this was so boring although i know what they doing but NOTHING SPECIAL MAN. lousy betul haiz really DISAPPOINTED with this movie. manakala...go pasar malam pula...lucky i din go lol hehe..but the god in 1 minutes 5pinggan of food came in front of the table i was like MY GOD!!!lol ahhaha...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

wakakaka morning during breakfast at don't know where??Kuan ask me and ping whether wanna join him for badminton or not. we of course say yes lar... so 4:30pm kuan gor2 come n fetch me n ping to???dun know whats the court name liao. but RM31 each hour lol MY GOD!!! expensive betul scare me lol. so we play until 8:30 lol. Kuan gor2 bought lime punya 100plus for ping because her leg pain lol and i scold him because he din buy for me. ahahah then he give me money n ask me to buy lol SO BAD... bully me as my leg n hand sakit lol ceh ade XX liao dun care about me liao... apa orang lai de??

Monday, July 13, 2009

Genting Trip

hah hah i went safari for clubbing lol. actually there wrote safari disco but i dun un why my brother say it is club lol. haha how weird?? hehe my brother came and force me to drink beer lol. how bad?? i drank 3bottle lol. I really worried i will vomit lol. manakala i din vomit lol. becoz those bu ming xx de chi sudah no more hahaha...haha my brother S and he warn me not to tell H hahaha. okey ler.. i will try to keep it as a secret de but my bf also know wo.. how arr?? after my bf say it then how? hahaha lol arr?? go genting for 3days 2 night but so many things happen lol. just like previous years lol. haha so funny de lol... haiz... last time i used to be a joker lol but now... haiz... sad lol i love to be a joker lol. becoz it makes my brain move very fast. manakala hahaha..sad betul hahaa

Friday, July 10, 2009

yesterday i boring dao...haiz...lucky ade orang pei wo.yesterday i 4am only sleep lol today i so sleepy man. die loh tomorrow still got exam sien lol...after exam maybe i will feel better gua... lol my mom let me go clubbing with them lol so happy. yaya i can go clubbing soon hehe.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

haiz... see my friend so fan my heart also sakit liao... lol take the password liao but din update the blog what la dear buddy ya can make it de lah...dun think too much lar..come find me and we go yam cha... then no more fan nao liao lol

Monday, July 6, 2009


Hiuh~~ today just start my final exam was nervous this few days and keep feel very fan and sien then fan and sien then.ZZZZ boring n fan dao.wanna tiao people punya english.easy betul.although i can get A but i sure can pass lehHEHE happy betul my tourism also.. cant get A but can pass but if Mr.Hor fail my assignment and mid-term then jak lat liao loh. until MPW that time i wanna jump lol. haiz fan dao lol meow look so gan jiong n unhappy when mpw folio haven finish lol. na li zi dao....bird bird 's group also same haha...waa... today bird bird punya hair... wu~~ become straight liao lol.menakut kat saya betul when i first saw a girl with straight hair like bird bird size but lol haha
I VERY FULL now....sleepy okey lerr...i 4am only wake up and read german. I MUST GET A B FOR GERMAN... i must...................hope f.o also can pass lol.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

hiuh... at last... i feel like posting... haiz... college life ...
college life had became... NOTHING... nothing at all... really nothing... just as she says...everything has became grey... it going to be darker n darker.. it is just so dull because of who???i think is because of everyone including me. i am totally nothing to the world and most probably i am also nothing to everyone. haha after some how it will sure agree that i am nothing for you. i know u know... we all know. everyone know what is going to be what is going to happen and it will end up with in my in this relationship...and that relation ship. all is going to dead dude. u are just end up with a word. really just "FAIL" haha how sad? I'm a failure. YEAH!!! i am i failure... the worst failure...hahahaha that would be. and i would end up with NOTHING,NOONE,NOONEELSE,NOWHEREELSE. why? becoz im always alone. Alone?? yeah alone. Guess what?? i like to jump. haha bird bird we jump together lu.. hahahaha. hiuh at least think of u i still can smile n laugh when i thinking of end my life hahaha. MEMANG MEANINGLESS lol gosh.....
hiuh~~~ FA XIE WAN LIAO... siok arrr....