Sunday, November 28, 2010

wake up in the morning~~~OPS... IT IS 1PM ACTUALLY ^^

and saw my favourite McDonald set on a chair and infront of my bed lol...feel like eating 2 set but another is my dearest brother's one so.. FINE!!!

^^ thx lots daddy~~~wish there is a day have 2 set brekfast infront of me and all is MINE!!!

DJ got us Fallin' in love / Dynamite / I Pray for You / 3

waow~~~its been so long~~~haven't been update my blog~~~gonna finissh my TRAINNNNNNINGGGGGGGDYYYY...................
this is a great news!!

there is something i treally wannna share~~~is these songs~~~my top3 listed XD
1}DJ got be fallin'in love-Usher feat pitbull
2}Dynamite- ""forgotten""
3}I Pray For You-Jaron xxx
plus "3" by Britney Spears~~~123...80degrees...blah blah blah~~

but think of a few things tht really make me happy and sad...

First of all, (finish)training is really happy but then gonna say bye bye to yen yen dy o... sad... becoz she is so xxx ahhaha cant shout out ^^ i feel so happy and grateful to know her so much in this training ^^ thx for her who has bring me so much happiness, joy, angry, argument, shy, shame, jealous or something else which i cant biao da~~~sometimes you're realy CUTE y dont u accept my dear anyway i count you as one of my best friends ^.^ not matter what happen,i will still remember our promises...i will still remember in my heart as you really walk with me till now XD thx lots lots ya yen ababy~~~~38!!! i will remember SHIT u and FCUK u and MISS YOU!!! :-] and remember how YOU n Zlin and Lin Lin ZAT ME at Shang Palace, Kitchen, Locker, Toilet, Cafeteria, Lift, Rooms and so on...hope could still see you very soon if we dont work in a same company '^^

Second of all, I am really glad that i have another 2 best friends who really have their partner and i can really see n feel how xing fu are they...sometimes see they upset,cry or worry bout the boys, i do feel xin tong...becoz you people are my bf that i really care bout you know ^^ just dont think to much and enjoy be with your boy boy at this moment n optimistic all my fellow girls... when you 2 are in trouble or something deep in your heart wanna shout out...come to my house or give me a call...i will be standing in front of you and lend you my shoulder...of coz i dont hope that will happen often ya becoz we gonna get older if we get upset or cry or worry XD

Third of all, i hope my other 2 BBF would recover AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! pls dont think too much...sometimes we might say something really over but we all still treat u as BBF if not do u think we would call u out n meet up???NO WAY!!! becoz u still a part of us!!!FRIENDSHIP IS NEVER COULD BE CHANGE OKEY!!!to all my secondary BBF no matter what happens/what arguement...i dont give a damn because WE NEVER SEPARATE I DONT CARE WHAT KIND OF SERIOUS ARGUEMENT WE ALL GET INTO OK!!! as long as we still can step on the ground...we still BBF forever... dont make us,your friends/your family to worry about you 2 alright!!!we all this dai ga jie alway have shoulder open and ear open and HOUSE OPEN!!!

...I GOING TO CONTINUE DEGREE!!!THIS IS THE LASTEST NEWS ^^ I MEAN after this @#$%^&*()training ^^ i do enjoy SOMETIMES in this training...sometimes i just think, why dont i continue degree with meow meow???at least i have meow, andrew, chris ,kelvin n bianca to accompany me rite??but after talking with my counselor bout what my degree friend suggest me ~~ (I DONT NEED PEOPLE TO SUPPORT ME for my work/assignment!!!If there is nobody accept me as their member/friend/nobody work with me...I WILL DO IT MYSELF...I CAN GET MY CERT BY MYOWNSELF!!!NO MATTER WHAT!!!) ""From this moment,i will always remind myself with this"" I dont live for other people!!!i dont depends on other poeple!!!i live and fight for my own self!!!my future!!!
BUT something make me headache is... JANUARY OR JULY!!!!ARGH!!!!MY L AND P LICENCES.!!!ARGH!!! i want fucking march or april alrrr fucker~~~