Sunday, March 13, 2011

*God Bless them!!!Lets Pray for them!!!* do it be4 u regret!!!

huh!!! Natural Disaster are far more unpredictable by human except nostradamus? The movies...日本淹没 made from 2006 and 2012 made from 2009 shows what will happen SOON~happening~~

After i look at the newspaper, i guess all of you know about what happen to JAPAN especially FUKUSHIMA n SENDAI. The biggest earthquake at 8.9 48hours ago follow by Tsunami made huge damaged and Nuclear Power Plant Disaster after explorer... today it proofs that 1,000families are homeless, 10,000 people are dead and 10,000people missing unclear and not connected...The airplanes, ships, cars n houses all over the place...No water No food No electricity No gas working except the only "WEB" that could tell their loves one that they're still alive. They have to queue up for water and food...

There are people dislikes US but when something happen to your country, they will provide food and water to help your people. No matter their help for some "selfish" reason (help Libya becoz of their OIL...)but the main point is they helped people that need help, for the people who scold them pls think of WHAT HAD U CONTRIBUTE??? ==" Said that they need help from foreign country, PLEASE HELP THEM!!!

Auntie Mishono, I will pray for your parents at Tokyo. God bless your family!!! Be please that you are in your country and nothing much happen to you, can still watch movies, have air-con, drink red wine, eat baskin robbin ^^, BE WITH YOUR FAMILIES N FRIENDS... please feel grateful...

*p.s; if 2012 is real, dont be sad. Just be happy and wait for it to come =] Do things before is too late!!! when the time comes, im 21 LOL lets party for it~~~Why still keep your $$ n be stingy?? lets go and have the greatest fun u never had before!!! enjoy the greatest food with your family and spend on them =] BE GRATEFUL as a Malaysian that do not have much natural disaster!!!