Friday, November 25, 2011

女生真的真的不要吃太多ice cream or drink too much cold water if not... u seriously will suffer from those pain... ouch shit because im suffering it NOW dammit//./ pain until... haix...but sometimes be appreciate what u have.NOT ONLY WHAT YOU HAVE...not only what u experience "happy moment" but also the sad moment =] they may make ur life look a bit dull but without the dull you cant see how much brightness you should appreciate when your family and friends or even stranger beside you are treating you not bad. be appreciate of every thing that happen to you and you will find it memorable.

Having lots lots of individual asg, group asg, presentation, being the cloud of your whole group of friend all these experience just make your life as colorful as rainbow....

You may not be competitive as others
You may not be as smart as others
You may not be always happy like others
You may not be as healthy as others
You may not be doing thing u want to do

Just have a "kitkat“ n enjoy you moment XD hahaha when you're bored, listen to radio or watch newspaper or do something you dont normally does and you will found something special n interesting...It may not be meaningful but life short and we are the author that make the book from white become full of beatiful words. be a smart author, be a kind author, be a gentle author and people will appreciate of what you are. it may not be everyone but atleast you are still important for certain people, you are apart of their lifes. Either live for them or Live to the fullest for yourself.