Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New thinking "ME"

求神保佑!!!希望我能出国工作!!I wish this trip could let me learn to mix with people with different culture in their own country n experience how people life overseas and stay alone or in relative's house for 6months. I want to see my own ability whether i can survive be independence...虽然爸爸很反对但我理他才怪!! I am still considering about having training or be a permanent staff for 6/18months in USA or German is really bad so i dont think i can survive in Germany ;P

USA-Surely improve my english n see my ability to mix with people who speaks expert english may need to bare with the consequences if i cant mix well n i will be very lonely there ;P

HongKong-I have accommodation,i have a few auntie there and some friend working in e.g DIsneyland Hotel and can communicate well with people there and have a lifestyle i am more used to it and get to mix around easily.

Furthermore,... i have a really happy news for myself ;P I had food poison so cause me vomit diarrhea n DEHYDRATION now i from 59kg back to 57kg and im tryiing to keep myself at 57kg at least for now!!! I'll eat WHEN i feel hungry... im doing some exercise daily or twice a day... i just hope soon i will be 55kg... by not having any pills or diet drink to make u look slimmy thats better ;P i have 2relatives n 2 friends taking HerbalLife, few thousands each month... but when u stop intake you will have nightmare because if u are 80kg my cousin went to 98kg because he stops... dont take herballife if you dont really effort to drink all this expensive stuff...bare with the consequences