Wednesday, March 7, 2012



说到我的前途。。。我根家的迷茫。。。我现在其实有Event Management, Hotel - Management/Operation , Airline-Ticketing/Air Stewardess 可以选。。。不过我很担心。。。一选错就会浪费我的几年青春,代表我在事业的跑道上迟别人一步。。。我以前在Shangri-La KL training 的时候超开心,被客人投诉我也无所谓也没哭。。。会不会现在比较眼浅??还是面对父母跟客人会不一样???谁可以救救我!!!请哪位高人来告诉我到底我是怎样的人。。。我因该选那里一个职位改天可以很顺利。。。很烦恼!!!不想在想了!!!

event 10-15years when im 30years old 1 month can earn 10k
air stewardess-1 month can earn 10-20k but very fast will feel boring de...
ticketing- too boring although face lots of customers but sit there cant walk in airline...
hotel management-too boring now i still want to always walk while walking...
hotel operation-
travel working??i have line to work in Perth Australia... i know ned to pay 2550 intotal for travel visa plus airline plus 75aus per week to stay n 20aus perday to eat or maybe per meal... stay for 3-6months is not a bad job tho....but study until degree must like that meh?? but just becoz study until degree so must sacrifice what i want to do meh??why must i do just following the society??
hotel operation- got abit like event management...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Yeah my brother is sick but he is 15, is it my job once spot he is sick and tell my parents OH NO!!! BROTHER IS SICK BROTHER IS SICK??? WTF??? although im 21 this year so what he is 15!!! when i have fever i will tell my mom means i want to see a doctor or want some fever pill. If im having flu and cough i will check whether there are pills or liquid medicine...

Yeah so what i saw my brother sleeping there n touch his head feel like his body temperature is abit abnormal compare to mine...he always go play badminton or basketball but the main point he is wearing school sport shirt... when i just finish exercise i sleep at sofa im also very heat"ty". HOW THE FARK I KNOW HE REALLY HAVING FEVER WTF!!!!!!!!!

huh whatever la wan to watch my ON CALL 36 HOURS ahhaha so nice la that cantonese hong kong movie PREFECt!!! keep cry every few episode