Sunday, February 22, 2009

xx/01/2009 or xx/02/2009

actually i forgot what date that is it lol.....
i just sit in front of the computer and watch movie in youtube lol. and i found a singer sings when he was 8years old.he is Declan Galbraith.

Title:Tell Me Why
and he has a album when he was ONLY 10 years old. imagine a little boy got an album man. it shows how great he is. and he is PRETTY cute>.<

Title: An angel
this is one of my favourite song. when it reach the middle he voice just like a girl. He was only 14years old when he sing it.How Amazing?

Title:Ego You
i like this MV pretty much because i like the hair style n his shirt.He is around 16years old.

Title:You and Me

but i can't find You and Me's MV lol SAD CASE
He is 17years old


on 19/2/2009Tiring and Happy Day

it was and Tiring and Happy Day lol
king sam,poh yee cheau wei was planning to come to my house around 9am then we all sit taxi n go to 1Utama together but we start moving to 1U around 11pm lol coz we keep talking haha.
but suddenly no taxi to fetch us to 1U and so we decided to walk to 1U. and i wa to leader who lead the road.... it was a long walk lol. because if u know who i am "i am a forgetful person". as all people know forgetful is very very bad.
then i leading them to death wakkakakaka. lol not death but just killing them lol. i just use my imagination to lead them lol. and they walk n walk n walk ....... then we cross BU2 but still can't see 1U ahha then they all is like YUEN..... WE ARE GOING TO KILL YOU.... lol it is pretty funny lol.
After we reach there we all go n walk here n there then we go n watch movie name"Eden..." man i keep forgot stuff... now i forgot the movies name haha what aforgotful person "SAD". then we walk n walk n walk lol. the most interesting is the part that i lead all of them to 1Utama lol so funny hahhaa...