Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Have to start work. Huh not stress but nervous, excited and thinking lots of possibilities. Hows your career? headache! Worry about which step you taking would slow you down to be promoted. Worry about how long I hv work so hard to reach that position I am dreaming about. I know that position is for people that is SMART where they knows when to make what decisions and play psychology row with the staff.  Some people take 10years some people takes 15 years n SMART ppl just uses 5years. These is SMART employee become a leader. I wish I can take 7-10years. Then 5 years to be =] Sometimes when you know you MIGHT not make it but you need a target to motivate yourself. Your parents n brothers? Your sole mate? Your Children? these is the things make you fight for it. I can do it!!! I surely can!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I am going to finish my degree ...Last exam 12June
                            Last assignment due date 31July

Last time having a trip with degree really close friends... T.T22th June

During Feb&March we discuss about going a state for 1-2days trip then We discuss about Hong Kong trip as i can get 1 month free accommodation

but both not happening because when u have 5-10 people there will be half agree n half disagree.

This really upset me because I regret did not go for a last trip with diploma's friends, That is apart of our memory in EACH STAGE. each stage of your life help u by making u grow up and make u experience new stuff. **It is okey so i planned to go Hong Kong and China by my own ;P or with my mom~~ If Air Asia available in London i will choose it anyway too bad..**

During May, someone suggested Genting Trip.
From disappointing goes to a little hope.
After a conversation with one of them, We decided to plan both Genting and Island Trip. Whoever can join then join, do not need to care if they dont wan to enjoy our last chance to be together.

I get free rooms so that for weak financial friends could afford to go too. So now I am really on a holiday mood and do not feel like studying for my finals.... I know it is really bad but whenever i think of having a great time with friends in a trip would be the best!!! I dream i could jump to that trip immediately!! Agroup of people squeeze in a room in Genting and everyone can enjoy their own room or choose to waste some room tickets leave the room blank n sleep together ...

I remember we used to go genting with my best friends 6-7 of them all squeeze in 1 room 2 single bed... sometimes a few sleep on the floor but most of the time we sleep on these bed... sometimes we DONT SLEEP at all... either walk around down there or drinks chitchat awake whole day!!! or sleep few hours then continue our CRAZY activities aaha...

If you feel like doing it? DO IT
 If u feel like working on it? Work it out
When u feel regret? stop regreting,,,, try to make it happen now so wont regret more!!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

WHat u want in Life?

Reality-I can make my wish come true!
          -I can make my dream come true!
          -I can do it Yeah!
 Let's have a schedule! For myself. How about you? Let's do it together.

My mother hopes i could buy her a Sport Car!

My father hopes... i... I HAVE NO IDEA ;P i rarely discuss these stuff  with him tho;P

My brother... finish his secondary school only talk la ;P

This year is my 21st birthday so my first wish is ...
break my V haha what a joke...okey seriously below is what i wish to do as fast as possible!

1)Sky Diving! This would be my Life success for being Brave!
 Just like what he says whats the worst thing could happen? Just DIE la... At least u TRY! Yeah babeh You're the MAn!!!

2)Buy Snake Board! I want to play that when i saw a ... maybe 15years old boy readying books while moving like S shape on the road in Switzerland near my hostel in IMI. There goes my first inspiration dude~~

3)Get a Permanent Job and treat Families & friends with the first month salary OR
   give parents and grandparents 50%-75% of my first salary ;P I think this is very meaningful! It had been 21years old feeding me. This is to tell them Thx for caring me until so big! I can be more Independent now, not a heavy burden for you all.

4)Pass Undang test and Driving test! GOD BLESS ME! People have License 16-18 already and I...Fuck!!

5)....busy... going out makan with old friend nownow haha XD

Monday, April 23, 2012

this whole week sleep at 5am. Last Saturday went for badminton but that day i slept for less than 5hours. Then Sunday morning 10:20am i woke up but i sleep at 6:30am which is 4hours but i was sneezing like hell because of the nose sensitive"signes-if not mistaken" ;P. Follow by so call "Sunday midnight or Monday morning" i slept from 00.20am to 1:30am then sneezing and suffering from cold by making a plate of "wantan" until 5am i try to sleep in another room but my nose is stuck and i have no idea where should i turn to stop this blocking. Use my mouth to breath makes me could not fall a sleep. i about 6:30am only fall a sleep and father tried to wake me up from 7:30am but i 8:20am only wake up because too tired!!! I just have 2 to 3 hours of sleep. THAT IS TOTALLY TERRIBLE AND HORRIBLE!!!

today went for classes and the aircon just cold like shit!!! i knew i could not stand college's air con so i bring 1 jacket and 1 formal jacket it makes me wearing 3 pieces together but im still freezing cold... FARK!!!! 2 Classes over suppose to finish within 4 hours but it actually took 6hours...

I say yes when my friend says go watch movie. Regret but nevermind...i cried too many times inside the cinema for this movie.... zi ming and chun jiao.... .... i went to see doctor to claim medicine because i really scareeed to night cant fall a sleep again then im dead as my asg deadline is 30april and fark that im the leader FUCK U MS ONG im sorry but i really want to say that.... u said want to let ppl never been a leader before to be a leader.... and after awhilei realize i been leader in her class before n wtf she say u wan your marks or not... come on what u actually want women?? zzzzz fark it la.... just fark it.... i just wan to xxx FARK tart shit,,,, i just broke down... from my brain to my heart.... now my eyes and my tears.... im weak....and im weakening... 1 week not enough sleep nevermind but i cant chg my time back... nvm... farking flu is decreasing my energy and increasing my emotional level... i have more patient now and u know what??? i am crying like a girl just broke up with boyfriend hahaha WTF??? why so weak zzzz im leader but i asked my member to vote whether let lecturer check our work or not first and some say no but now only say yes... pls stop playinig with me... i have enough... actually last few days i cant fall a sleep i think is because of this marketing asg n farking dissertation asg... im broke... just broke... breaking down internal n externally ahaa fuck it just fuck it...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


  1. 你好 (哭你一起挖)
  2. 我回来啦 (他大姨妈)
  3. 哥哥 (哦尼桑)
  4. 可爱 (卡哇咿)
  5. 怎么 (哪尼)
  6. 你好帅 (卡酷咿)
  7. 原来如此 (哪里糊涂)
  8. 我吃了 (一打卡玛斯)
  9. 早上好 (我还要狗炸一玛斯)
  10. 怎么可能 (玛撒卡)
  11. 好厉害 (自由咿)
  12. 谢谢 (啊丽牙多)
  13. 怎么啦 (都西大)
  14. 偷一下懒 (傻不你呦)
  15. 这可不行 (所里挖那里蚂蚁)
  16. 为什么 (男的诶)
  17. 那是什么 (男的所里挖)
  18. 什么意思 (满家所里挖)
  19. 笨蛋 (八噶)
  20. 我明白啦 (挖卡打蛙)
  21. 这是 (库里挖)
  22. 加油 (刚巴黎)
  23. 搞定啦 (亚当)
  24. 朋友 (偷猫打鸡)
  25. 不行 (打妹)
  26. 说的也是 (受打内)
  27. 太好啦 (有疙瘩)
  28. 真的 (轰!逗你)
  29. 小姐 (我揪下嘛)
  30. 不要啊 (呀灭蝶!)
  31. 可恶 (扣手)
  32. 对不起 (狗咪那啥咿)
  33. 没关系 (一挖呦)
  34. 不要紧吧 (带胶布)
  35. 约会 (带兜)
  36. 是的 (嗨)
  37. 晚安 (哦压死你) 
  38. 到此为止 (哭了妈的)。