Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Have to start work. Huh not stress but nervous, excited and thinking lots of possibilities. Hows your career? headache! Worry about which step you taking would slow you down to be promoted. Worry about how long I hv work so hard to reach that position I am dreaming about. I know that position is for people that is SMART where they knows when to make what decisions and play psychology row with the staff.  Some people take 10years some people takes 15 years n SMART ppl just uses 5years. These is SMART employee become a leader. I wish I can take 7-10years. Then 5 years to be =] Sometimes when you know you MIGHT not make it but you need a target to motivate yourself. Your parents n brothers? Your sole mate? Your Children? these is the things make you fight for it. I can do it!!! I surely can!!

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