Friday, August 14, 2009

Sweet, Kind and Thoughtful
You always put others first befor you and never get into fights with people. You're there for you're mates and stick by them. Even when everyone else is down you try to make them feel better by telling jokes or just acting yourself. People love you just the way you are so never change :) "Do THEY??I don't really think they love the way I act..."

Your friends enjoy our company, have your back 110% and are the best you could ever have. Your friends are the bomb like tick tick.

You are kinda bully sometimes, but deep down you could be a great friend.

sure you leave an impression. but you roll with the crowd. people enjoy your presence but would rather be with someone more....BAM! but no worries :) lots of people are normal

You are sweet and funny!Everybody likes you.They all want to be your friend (duhh! who wouldn't want to be my friend?)

you are optimistic ,loving your life and you have a great sort of friends who will always be there for you ..heh
you love your friends and want to keep them around for e ever .. living every secound in your life without any faultsver .. living every secound in your life without any faults but sometimes you face alot of problems which affects you inside but you are very strong person and can beat all the terrible things that stand in your way by your friends and the people you love ..

your willing to wait for the right moment with the write guy! so ypur not going to push what you dont have!

want t do but afraid to do or to face anything that comes your way...

nan wang de yi tien...hahaha

Today lie mei de birthday lol first i tot meow meow kata we go the curve to eat steamboat n buffet to celebrate sou xing nue de birthday de...then ok lor... hehe lie mei dai sai ma...hehe...then...then...then...haiz...suddenly ping say not enough then i call a few people lor... then mom from melaka just...haiz.. she rush and fetch me lo...then han call human in his car...hahah be song liao then han ask to fetch us as he is near by then i call mom and she talk with me with bu han de yu qi and scolded me "you come back on you own,don't ask me to fetch you liao" sorry lor.. mom , i know you got dinner with people liao...but still want u to rush back n fetch me then now you half way ALMOST reach liao i only say you no need to fetch me...sorry lar... i also don't want people inform me also...zzzz then got people say...change to sunway...zzz fan dao si... keep chg and chg n chg... that time just wake up sure got abit emotional de then keep scolded by people already be song liao lar.. still got so many problem..almost wanna tiao people liao lol. luckily i din waaakakaka...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

lazy to write lazy to type plus forgot what to type lol
yesterday morning i 9am wake up liao de lol.i sms lots of people to pinjam their mpw book lol manakala...haiz....all reply me very late lol lucky ade dick dick.. hehe...then ping ping 10am sms n ask me about mpw so...i pergi pinjam dick dick de book and photostat then ping come my house and we start war lor...and we study from....don't know what time until 7pm lor...then...parents all went to genting so me,ping,bra bra go to gor2's house lorr and all go tropicana city to have buffet lor...hehe...i keep make ping ping shy shy lol. hahaha she feel shy shy but i feel happy lol WAAKKAKAKAKA haiz... i like to zat people i like to make people and i like to bully people liao HOW ARR??very bad de you know??lol hehe...i am tired now lol yesterday de dinner very funny lol. haiz... afternoon study until very hard then night bully people until very happy if my mother there....sure... heh!!!heh!!!heh!!! haiz...i also notice my imagination very pro liao lol i learn from meow meow de lol wakakakaka
Today....Today....Today...speechles...(short cut)
Now... I am tired and sleepy and lazy and just like a pig man... hahahhaahhahaha lol stupid betul