Sunday, May 31, 2009

oh boy....

oh boy.. just finished pangkor trip few days ago... my god.. can say i did suffer some... as we did play some games which i played before when i was in primary school lol.. = ="we did not do warm up so my waist pain,neck pain,leg pain and hand pain lol. it seems like WHOLE body also pain ahha... the next day we go 4 snorkeling and i REALLY did suffer especially my leg man... IT HURTS... when i was thinking to go back my leg..... xxx the rock and my skin AW.... it hurts lol.... meow is more serious then mine i guess... and ping also bit not very serious lol. i was planing not to wear high heels 4 college but... as my friend say "RESPECT" zzzz so igot to suffer again haiz.. sad....
that 2nights is so funny lol especially the second day don't know why meow so pro and go so happy lol.she keep joking and talk rubbish and i keep laughing coz she seems to be... so.... stupid but funny lol... and everyone seems to be scary as they are so funny hahaha.....i was so lucky lol = =" not that serious i guess...

Thursday, May 14, 2009




這一刻 永遠都緊記
我的同胞 陷進劫難中

手挽手 將這份愛
沒有保留的 愛心交給你
手挽手 將這份愛
穿過萬個世紀 絕沒忘記

我要將我的 愛心交給你
這一生 永遠不忘記
我的同胞 無盡劫難中

沒有保留的 愛心交給你
手挽手 將這份愛
千代萬代也都 沒有忘記

BULL SHIT de.....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

12th May(tuesday)
they said during german class we need to go n take our uniform but mr.thomas don't let.
so... we go during break... and the trailor EW.... they sucks....
the jacket too short... the pants too big THEY ARE CRAZY
they give me XL size man apple is M size i even can wear the M size my god
and the jacket MY god it is boy cutting these tailor sucks man....
around 3pm i think they all come to my house
and i only get to know my neighbour's house just got......
masuk pencuri lucky not my house lol
then ping straight away run to my room
(BUT I HAVEN PACK MY ROOM) the apple purpersly de
then some one suggest we chg chirt inside the same room
but still got some one shine shine ler...
ping went ot another room n the meow saw her n (SCRAEM) gila...
then ping run n her pants drop and (SCReaM)AGAIN my got all gila
then we used 3hours for 3uniform lol
the longest time i ever use to wear a shirt lol.
till 7pm my mom scold liao coz haven eat dinner
n we have dinner then we talk about "something"
then my mom suggest us to eat "ICE CREAM"
n of course we talking about ice cream...
and all laugh like hell.but chee hui was a bit blur...
then ping took the rotan and act like a teacher then i go n grab it
coz she wants to attack me.the rotan was on meow's hand
so i don't dare to go near her then apple go up
after a while the meow got gila again... she take the cane
and aim at everyones that cross over her....
and she cane me once n i grab back and act like going to cane her
then she like "REALLY SCARED"make me feel my olden days
"when small mother uses a cane n aim at me like that"
her looks was so funny like a child scared of mother like that
then i hit her a few times "SOFTLY" then we two fall
laugh till my stomach pain n meow laugh till cant breath air...
n my dad came out n scold coz my brother going to have exam the next day.
then we go up.... n apple do decoration she look so serious ahha
then moy len when back home and around 10:30pm all was going to.....
don't know why me n ping want to pull meow's pants n she sat on the floor
hahaha..... and we say in pangkor "WKAKAKA"she is dead
coz we gonna "RAPE" her waakkaka lol = =" after they rape me "how??"lol
8th May (Friday)
MrHor 5:15pm, only let us go me n meow was planing to go for 2gathering
with secondary friends....then we go 1u n ask my mom to buy jacket for me
atfirst i wasplaning to buy a cool one but then my mother... haiz...
then.... haiz..... lol and so ahahah
then we met others but say she is not available
we go ss2's kayu and eat loh
then i join another group of form 5 and we chat till 10pm
and i called my mom n she say.... her car....
kena "BANG" and so can't fetch straight away lol
11:15pm all wanna go home some wanna go cc
when we plan to go cc my mother reach lol "MY GOD"

11th May(Monday)
lol apple said she emo because of me lol.....actually i din know that my god
- - how stupid am i??
the malaysian studies ended at 5:30pm lol so early.
so ping,bianca,chi hiu... all go for meeting
me n meow don't know what to do
she suggested stay till 8pm at the main entrence(How Crazy is She??)....
5:50pm she suddenly sot sot dei...
say go to library loh.... i was like (silents) lol....
walk along the one stop centre i saw pui kuan ....
talk with her till 6:10pm then go library....
we talk inside then she told me some stupid stuff....
7:10 we say sleep loh!!....
we close our eyes ...
7:50pm meow jump up and i was awake
then we was shocked coz it look like library left 3people
so i called my mom to fetch me loh...