Thursday, April 30, 2009

As meow said today is the last day of April......
i was shockced that i had used more then Rm300++ this month = =" that was so "REDICULOUS" me.... myself also can't believe it lol.
i used up "ALL" my pocket money and i used half of my saving T.T"

30/4/2009 today
today after the english lesson we all plus ee chien went to new wing's neway n chiong k. "he" haiz... look very malu... as he say it was his first time to karaoke lol after singing we RUSH back to our college for tourism industry. actually i was thinking "go to computer lab rather" but i still attent the class and when we reach there our reason why we are late is becoz we all"OVERSLEPT" in my house lol hahahhah

29/4/2009 yesterday
after the english classes again we plan to go 4 chiong k then only watch either "The Sniper" or "Uninvited".but because bianca need to go back home earlier so decided to go watch movie then only chiongk. i bought some sushi n go A&W there and eat.then because bianca was planning to watch movie with another group so we chg our plan "AGIAN". the apple saw a guy name "ANN KEANE" and she looks extremely happy lol.we go n walk n wlak nwalk then book uninvited around 3:20pm then go n play pool then the meow don't know why suddenly want to be childish
she wanna play a machine inside funny of sweet lol. she get x packet of the sweet she look so happy = =" lol crazy de ahaha. then we also watched movie with qing,yisoon,eechien,wenping(my primary school classmate) after we watch the uninvited all go n jalan jalan. but all have no idea wat to play lol
when just start i was planning to play pool by solo. but until almost finish the yi soon.... ol and i lost ahha.the last shoot was so rediculous lol. it was so easy to win but yi soon miss then my turn i also miss... "CRAZY".
around 7pm all balik kampung i mean "HOME"

28.4.2009 the day before yesterday
i forgot wat happen lol...

27.4.2009 the day before the day before yesterday lol
i ALSO forgot wat happen lol..... if im not mistaken there are some one asked me to go for breakfast

26.7.2009 the day be4 the day before the day before yesterday lol............. BULLSHITTING hehe

it is monday. hiuh i still remember i was so worried. it is because i need to have presentation for that day lol. when just start i walk to LTB with some of my class mate.& the lecturere supposed to be Puteri but then i saw our previous PDP lecturer was infront. then May told me: if this lecturere is going in then good loh! then i was like YEAH MAN. then i was say: GO IN!! GO IN!!! GO INTO LTB..... and she step in and i scream lol...... but most of us was like why is she here?/ it suppose to be puteri...
then she told us that puteri got some thing to do. the pdp supposed to be cancel but then she don't want so we have class. but i feel very relaxing lol after knowing that.
after pdp then is AA's briefing's meeting. i still remember be4 it start kdu called apple lol then after that she was like SO DAMN FREAKING ANGRY ABOUT IT. so she decided to go back home first with not following us to Pn.Ng's house(secondary teacher) very sayang us one.
4 of us go to her house n talk with her. and we decided to have a dinner or breakfast or lunch with her. and she choosed buffet coz like that we only can talk slowly.
"NEXT FRIDAY" during Night(Nacht) having buffet at SHOGUN
{oh no we forgot to ask about the buffet price} holy shit wei...

Friday, April 24, 2009

What Day Is Today?? I Forgot again lol >.<"

Oh Boy in the college's international food fest i became one of them who cooks lol
shit wei my cooking sucks lol but ping with me same group lol hahah
i sure get scolded by her de as i sucks at cooking ahhaha
lol get scolded also feel so happy hahahah memang gila lar me...
O.O today in german waliao siao de we all chg group lol
me n jermaine same groups the cheau wei n wei han(forgot how to spell liao.. sorry hehe >.<") same group. i really pity cheau wei hahahaha. as she said ...... lol after german, meow,durian n fishball went to centrepoint. which is near charmaine's house. n we eat n eat n eat then walk n walk n walk lol...... then we go to "LTG" this is the most happiest,funniest,etc part lol. LOVE IT wei.... me,cheau wei n moylien reach there first "we" actually is "I" off the light coz i wanna play "HAUNTED" hehehe i too naughty lol but very fun leh scare people hehehe then bianca came the lily,elizabeth came then kay then forgot lah too many human lol bianca scared lots of people n kena also lol. then we "ALL" in inside the "DARKNESS" lol it seems like most of our classmate also "LIKE IT" lol haha im glad n happy that they are happy with it >.<"
it is the first time my activities satistied "MOST OF THEM" lol hehe
when people laugh n happy with what i did i feel very fun lol
n got a feeling to make it more interesting lol
haiz can't be help lol haiz maybe it is some kind of sickness lol
i really hope that i can communicate will "ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE"
so i will experience more stuff e.g personality............forgot lol
haiz my brain MEMANG USELESS lehh....
i think i need to find aday go and WASH MY BRAIN LOL
"BRAIN WASH" where is the brain washing machine?? anyone know??
lol... nonsense haiz but i always talk nonsense de lah..
coz "THAT ME" hehe haiz

Thursday, April 23, 2009

update what o??haiz too lazy lar..
next monday is my ....presentation day
actually not... just say about myself haiz BORING but hard lol....
stupid leh.. im dead.... im dead...
lol the meow say tomorrow wanna come to my house and sleep
but i believe that she can't lol hahha
haiz she always also like that one lah haha...
haiz today crazy de all is THE CAT's fault lol
she talk too much haha
she always talk crap ahhaa
and today inside my house haiz the meow and his XXX haiz make me and lee ping can't sleep all is this 2 xxx fault lol hahaha
make me n apple feel so sleepy inside the class
lol...haiz really update till sien liao. as my stupid computer keep corrupted
i wanna tiao people lol = =" actually im the one who spoiled it lol hehe
my bropther get scolded for nothing lol
haiz college can say as boring can say as funny lol haiz
don't know what to say ler

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

face computer feel boring
face tv feel boring
lifeless ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
lol i bullshitting hoh hoh hoh.
haiz everyday also siao de. not siao then boring
i sure become gila lar.....
yalor all this friends make me become so gila i wanna to kill them liao ahhaha
DIE LOH next monday need to ... sell myself with selling my ownself lol.....
HEADACHE laaa....those stuff.. haiz lol i watched coming soon twice lol. 2times also
don't have nightmare... WAKKAAK I so keng cau lol = =" i gila liao
boring until gila liao ARRRRRRRRRRRRR~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Friday, April 17, 2009

sei loh computer sot already leh....
zzz can't play my games haiz...
all my thingi got conquer but those asshole liao DANG!!!! lol
haiz first time used almost 90dolars in 1U lol >.<" to belanja people n my ownself haiz
o.o feel that pool is fun but i want to play snooker leh..........
boring boring boring every weekend is boring lol
sh1t i can't hear song. im inside the kdu's lab n cant hear song haiz it sucks man
i really hate to wear high heels man.
today bring sliper to college lol >.<" im crazy n mad liao
lol i like to ask people "do u feel like shitting?"
i feel that is fun n really funny lol
hole shit no song come out ARGH~~~~ gekseime already

Sunday, April 12, 2009

x days ago i went to ou with my friends. i played snooker with them lol. and i knock my hand lol
how stupid?? hhe first time play ma... but it is fun lol. n im very noisy there lol
aiya always also like that one ler.. hehe.
the next day i went to watch chopaholic it is a good movie actually
then i go n play snooker with cheau wei and i lose lol....
"imppossible" but then i suck mah... hehe
i thought we gonna play 1 round for 15minutes how i know... we played 1 round for 30minutes n my mother got scolded by the guards because she park the car there for 10minutes lol..
"MY FAULT" lerrr

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

06/04/09" MONDAY"

monday is crazy man. u know why?? coz i make up liao
lol FEEL SO WEIRD DE.......
once my dad look at me on friday after make up he only say one sentence which is "SO UGLY"
lol and my brother said that too. my mother say :aiya no need to care about they 2 they not feeling well as u first time make up. lol >.<" i still remmeber the day before means sunday i went to 1utama and i bout 2high heels... one is 3inches "CRAZY" and another one is 3 and 1/2 INCHES lol i got ashock after i bought it lol i thought it is only 2inches lol... then monday haiz i walk until so tiring lol weheh first time wear formal shirt,pants, tie up hair, wearing 3 n 1/2 inches high heels lol when i first reach the school actually "ALL LOOKING AT ME" lol my mother say after i wear my spec i look like a lecturer/ teacher lol i was like HOLY SHIT do i look so..... matured?? hahaha. then once i go INFRONT of the class room all the IHTM7 student all look at me. and one of the guy say im the lecturer lol then i m looking for leeping they all and so i walk to the toilet first BUT A BUNCH OF my class mate call me "TEACHER" i was like lol..... then i go to the class n call they all faster. t hen after 2minutes they all come in they all finding for me lol they can't recognize me omg lol do i look so old?? hehehe my auntie also saw my make up she say it is beatiful "im happy" lol hehehe >.<" but no worries although people say how goos am i i will not act so LCLY de not like the LCLY die loh im talking bad about people..... DEAD loh this is not cheow yuen man wtf? lol crazy... but anyway "EVERYONE WILL CHANGE "IF" SOME NEW PROBLEM COMES AND THEY WILL GET NEW EXPERIENCED N THAT IS THE TIME PEOPLE CHANGED"


i guess most of the hotel management students in kdu also know that last Saturday is a very important day it is because that day we went to bukit tinggi,pahang for a field trip.
me and cheau wei 6:30am wake up lol.
of courses i wake up first then i wake her up lar....can't believe i woke up so early....
then we go around 7:10am because we don't want to be late. once we late the bus will gone lol.
then ping sms cheau wei n ask me coz no people fetch her to school. i guess is because she wake up late haha.
so i bring my nautica bag and inside all is cheau wei stuff lol. her stuff haiz...
i bring snack,gambler card, blah blah blah forgot.
i lost my hair ban inside the bus SO SAD man...
my mother scold me coz i lost that hair ban lol. that hair band is metallic blue n it is one of my favourite colour lol.
i bring my camera and lee ping became the photographer lol
she keep take picture here and there lol.
and so when we reach bukit tinggi...
we play lots of games inside. one of the game that i remember the most is me and leeping
become partner. and we dance then when the music stop we need to stand inside the paper lol.
i feeel happy with it but when i become the winner most of the people was like... lol
they all just laugh. i really feel that that moment is GREAT lol coz it is fun lol
there are around 5groups of people but only have 3paper so... we neeed to fight lol.
and i won because when one of the group"guy" stand on the paer n try to balanced i use my butt to push them away lol.... n lee ping was like "yuen u very pro" lol hehehe im crazy lol.
but because of that i saw lots of the teacher n student laugh lol... that time i also laugh haha.
then we went to other place also but that is not very interesting also.....


oh i forgot to update my blog for few days liao lol...
X days ago it is friday. O.O i remember liaothat time was 12noon and it is
then we all go to neway and chiong k means go 4 karaoke.... it is after the orientation.

me,apple n her sister,meow,sotong,and fei ke chiong actually is bianca.
we sing until 3pm when the bill comes ALL OF US GOT A BIG SHOCK
coz normally each people need to pay around RM20-35 lol
and the bill total is RM35 means each person pay RM6 only wa liao damn freaking cheap wei...
then... i pull lee ping to watch shinjuku something something...
but before that my i called my mom to help us find for "COSMATIC" coz i taking hotel management need to make up. my mother has experienced about all the stuff
so we bought something.then my mother fetch bianca home and we go and watch movie after eating mcD althought apple promiss barry that she can't eat fried stuff for 3days and cold drink for 5days.
hehe u know la my memory sucks de.... daniel wu and jackie chan also involved in the movie.
i also saw that there is GOING to have a new movie which involved edison chan
yay i long time no watch edison make movie. can't wait to watch that movie.
and i wanted to watch "hotel for dogs","shopaholic","ghost movie","edison's movie","knowing","night in the museum2".............. can't wait to watch it man.
afterthat i called my mom again lol. then leeping got scold by her mom all is my fault lol hehe...
then leeping n her sister go back and i bought something.
my mom fetch sook teng back and cheau wei stay over night in my house.
we to talk until 2am only sleep lol.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Dear Eyebrown

lol around dinner time my mother looking at me and say: Yuan some here.
then i go there n she help me tie up my hair n then she clip here and there lol lots of stuff actually only 3 pin.
then she look at me then..... "eye brown"
holy crap i was like what? my eye brown??
NO MAN it gonna hurts but she still pull it. lol i keep screaming "Aw"
and my little dear donkey brother keep laughing beside there "how bad?"
then my mom accidentally pull my skin and i was like "STOP" lol
and sorry like "SORRY DEAR" t.t my eyebrown it really hurts lol.


guess it gonna be SUCKS MAN

Saturday, April 4, 2009

omg i already 3days did not online. once i just online i go n play my game and just know that my tribe(clan) just having war with the others while im not around. it is like "OH CRAP" and most of my village got conquer lol so sad right??

Thursday, April 2, 2009

do you guys ever ate mango during midnight?? it is like supper lol.
this week i mean today my super is abandoned chicken and my favourite "MANGO" lol
it is a abandoned chicken because my mom bought chicken rice for my brother as dinner but he is like no thanks man then now i gt eat the abandoned chicken lol.
tomorrow i gonna add weight T.T fatty fatty yuen yuen haiz sad already 52kg some more eat supper tomorrow sure 54kg lol hehe
OH BOY today is a april fool day lol
so sad i kena tipu by the apple juicy for few times lol

haiz why do i look so hyper everyday in college??
maybe because the class haven start??
maybe because i am new there???
AW... no idea with it lol.
always im the one who is a bit sot sot dei one lol
i siao already hehe... haiz but always siao will be boring de leh...
hmm... tomorrow try to be a girl lol "IMPOSSIBLE" lol
come on man im fish ball,cheow yuen,burn's fish balls.... no ideas lol >.<" hey people life sucks?? sometimes i do feel it sucks.... but it is sucks when i feel bored. im a person who scared of QUIET because quiet makes no laugh,happiness and joy i mean for me only. that's why im extremely talkative i guess hehe... when i don't have a conversation with someone i will feel "UNCONFORTABLE" lol and it will start to make me feel im bored im useless im sucks lol xD>.< life sucks haha