Friday, April 27, 2012

WHat u want in Life?

Reality-I can make my wish come true!
          -I can make my dream come true!
          -I can do it Yeah!
 Let's have a schedule! For myself. How about you? Let's do it together.

My mother hopes i could buy her a Sport Car!

My father hopes... i... I HAVE NO IDEA ;P i rarely discuss these stuff  with him tho;P

My brother... finish his secondary school only talk la ;P

This year is my 21st birthday so my first wish is ...
break my V haha what a joke...okey seriously below is what i wish to do as fast as possible!

1)Sky Diving! This would be my Life success for being Brave!
 Just like what he says whats the worst thing could happen? Just DIE la... At least u TRY! Yeah babeh You're the MAn!!!

2)Buy Snake Board! I want to play that when i saw a ... maybe 15years old boy readying books while moving like S shape on the road in Switzerland near my hostel in IMI. There goes my first inspiration dude~~

3)Get a Permanent Job and treat Families & friends with the first month salary OR
   give parents and grandparents 50%-75% of my first salary ;P I think this is very meaningful! It had been 21years old feeding me. This is to tell them Thx for caring me until so big! I can be more Independent now, not a heavy burden for you all.

4)Pass Undang test and Driving test! GOD BLESS ME! People have License 16-18 already and I...Fuck!!

5)....busy... going out makan with old friend nownow haha XD

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